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The Creator’s greatness removes all problems, disasters and obstacles. All pleasure/fulfillment comes only from the Creator’s greatness. Any flaw is caused by a lack of the Creator’s greatness and is corrected only by it, until we fill all of reality with the Creator.

Work in faith above reason (bestowal above reception) is the only thing we must master in this life, building 125 degrees of our spiritual development, equivalence with the Creator. Its foundation is the sensation of the Creator’s greatness above all: Who rules—Pharaoh or Creator.

Faith is the force of bestowal, given from above. Faith = bestowal. All we need for this is to demand for the Creator’s greatness to be greater than egoism. This will draw light to us that will lift us to the degree of faith/bestowal—above reason, egoism and problems.

The upper system expanded from the world of Infinity till our world, forming us opposite to it. We have to evoke its influence on us,  then it becomes our Creator, as it is written, “You have created Me,” since “There’s no Creator without the creatures.”
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The Book of #Zohar describes the world as a net of tangled connections. The nation of #Israel is the central knot in this net. Its role is to unite and serve as an example of unity for the world. Then Hamas’s attacks will cease, along with the whole world’s complaints against us!

Regarding the need to unite, Kabbalists say, “The main protection against disasters is unity. When there is love, unity, and friendship in the nation of Israel, no misfortune will touch it.” Maor va Shemesh
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Rav Kook: “If we don’t blow the horn of redemption (i.e., don’t unite, transmit the method of unity to the world), then Israel’s enemies come – Amalek, Hitler, and others, and “trumpet” in our ears, summoning us to come out of exile. They don’t let us rest.” Today, this is HAMAS.

With our efforts to achieve unity, we can compel the Creator to be revealed and correct us. This is the only thing we can do, since at its basis, the 1st act of bestowal is revealed in unity, and inside it, it then starts to grow and strengthen.
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Faith above reason is a force that arises around the point in the heart, grows it and enables it to operate. And we reveal that reality is not what it seemed—it is ruled and filled by one force.
This force ruled before too, but now this is revealed.
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