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Instead, it will come from the inner development of the human being, or if you will, our “spiritual” development.

How do my actions influence everyone else? We are entering an era where answers to these questions will no longer come from clergymen, government officials, laws and regulations, or any institution that aims to dictate people’s way of thinking.

As we relieve ourselves from the chains of the past and march into the future’s freedom, we have to cultivate human awareness to a whole new level. With every limitation that’s being lifted, one should ask himself: How am I connected to other people around me?

The transformation taking place in the conservative #Irish society reflects the global thrust of liberalization, shattering one social convention after another across modern human society. #abortionreferendum
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The fastest way to learn the Creator’s language is not to lose hold of him, like a baby cleaves to its mom. Everything that happens will happen to both of us—man and the Creator. We’ll advance quickly to the goal. While dependent on the Creator, I’ll grow until I become like Him

It seems like we make our own actions, but it’s actually the system operating for us. Even our disagreement/anger at it is already instilled in the system’s program. The system doesn’t react to our cries—it leads us through all the actions toward a specific state—#perfection.

But there is a world of difference between that and the idea of gradually moving mankind to Mars.

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Let me make it clear: I’m completely supportive of #scientific research in outer #space, setting up new labs where possible, exploring and gathering new knowledge.

And if we can’t do it well on the blue planet, we won’t do it well on the red planet either.

First of all, be sure that there is more than enough room for all of us to live on our current planet. Our problem is not the need for more space or resources. Our problem is how to live with each other. #sustainability

I was asked if I am excited by the #Mars colonization hype, powered by tech billionaires such as Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk?
Well, I’m not. And here is why.

Everything that happens in the world comes from One source, and only in order for us to hear and understand His conversation with us.
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Through mutual bestowal, the ten creates a net—Kli. It’s built not upon each one’s individual bestowal to others, but upon mutual, group bestowal. By that they gain a new DEGREE of bestowal, common bestowal of Keter, the Creator, and common Malchut, desire to bestow to Him.
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