The Work Of Man

laitman_292The work of man is to reveal his existing state and build a desirable state above it. The existing state is always bad because the evil of our egoism is revealed. However, this is actually good because the Creator is revealing our true state to us, and above it we need to build our desirable state. As long as the Creator is directing us, taking care of us, leading us, and bringing us closer to Him, we need to consider our state as perfect. There is an existing state that I feel bad in, and a desired state that I try to envision as perfect.

If I do not take into account the feeling in my desire to receive, then it completely changes my state: I find myself in the world of infinity, in the Creator’s domain, in absolute goodness, but of course, I feel the complete opposite in my egoism. Therefore, I have to trust the sages that the perfect state is the true one and I exist in it, only I do not feel it yet, as it is written: “They have eyes and see not.”

I see everything through my ego’s prism. However, if I rise above it, then I reveal my true state. Through this exercise we attract the reforming Light that influences us and raises us from the existing state into the desirable one. We, however, do not stop seeing ourselves in a bad state. We feel that the two states become more distant from each other, polar as two lines: the left is the existing state and the right the desired state. The existing state is the one we see in our world and perceive in our ego. Above it we build a desired state, imagining the world where a single Creator rules.1

Our state will never change because we exist in absolute rest, in Malchut of the world of infinity. Only the attitude to our existing and desired states determines the form of our reality, our relationship with the Creator, our place.

So we should not wait for the state to change by itself. We have to build our reality ourselves: we must completely separate our sensations from our existing state and imagine ourselves in the world completely in the Creator’s power, under the governance of the single force besides which nothing else exists.  This force allows us to feel a bad state in order to raise us. Even if I don’t understand or feel anything in spirituality, it is enough for me that I am connected with it, in a single point. For I know that the Creator exists in the world and rules over everything, including me.

However, unlike with the others, He lets me know about it! This alone is important to me: the Creator’s attitude toward me. This single point is what the whole world could be built on.2

I feel myself like a baby in the Creator’s arms, under His full care, and I rejoice in it like a baby in its mother’s arms. The states and times change: either the left line or the right, ascents or descents, but I always have to remain in the middle line. The Creator does not just throw me from one state to the other. I go through the states by myself and build the middle line out of them.

I rise above the right line and the left, above the growing darkness and the ever rising light and perfection, like in a cone, and include both of these states inside me.3
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/23/18, Lesson on the Topic: “The Work Between the Desirable State and the Existing State”
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