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Father’s day is a great opportunity to learn more about the father’s role within the family unit:

In the spiritual world too, there are two forces called “#father” and “mother,” which develop the soul. Two forces through which the Creator presents himself to the created being, and develops the created being. #fathersday2018

Their mutual complementarity is necessary for the natural and healthy development of every person in our world.

Father’s role is to point at the goal of life and direct his children to a path that leads to it. Mother’s role is to cradle the children with warmth and support them all along the way. Father provides authority and confidence. Mother provides abundance and nourishment. #FathersDay

The soul grows as a result of descents, after revealing a new egoistic layer, which I can then correct and ascend. I can’t ascend above a descent (modularly). This is why descents are so important. We must respect them—they are useful and educational.
#Spiritualwork #Kabbalah

Ego, repulsion is between us. If we overcome it and unite, the force of overcoming will become the bonding force, equivalence with the Creator.
By fracturing creation, the Creator’s force of love turned into hate. We must turn it back into love to become equivalent to the Creator.

Why are qualities opposite to egoism called qualities of love?
Love is the quality of bestowal in man, when he takes another’s desires instead of his own in order to fulfill them. This is called love—it’s a special action that has no analogues in our world.
#Reality #Kabbalah

The soul is one for all and unique in each one, like this world: one for all and unique for each person. What’s perceived in egoism is called “our, this world.” What’s perceived in the quality of bestowal, above egoism, is called the upper world, and is perceived with the “soul.”

While living in the diaspora, Jews lived in peace, helping one other.
In their nation, not sensing hatred, they’ve ceased helping one another and quarrel. The program of development demands the world to unite—this is the Jews’ mission. Otherwise they will be forced to do it!

If we don’t start correcting people, #Nazism is next!

The dictates of left #liberals, national minorities, and #LGBT have turned into terror on college campuses, where alternative viewpoints are eliminated. It will only get worse. The examples of China, Russia and Nazi Germany are still alive.

… enabling it to come out of crisis.

Hatred of #Israel is growing. Israel’s always in the news headlines. The nations of the world want to see Israel as an example of good relationships, since good relationships between Jews are the condition for the world having an example of the right relationships …

History is leading the nations to cohesion, and the nations are thus obligated to compel the Jews to unite.

Jews have the role of connecting the upper force to the nations. This is why the nations of the world are always subconsciously blaming Jews for everything.
This dependence originated from the Babylonian division.

The nations subconsciously feel dependent on the Jews.
This attitude comes from the Jews’ ability to unite above their egoism and thus bring the whole world to unity.
The method of unification is called #Kabbalah.

The 6/13/18 #UN General Assembly condemned Israel for using force on the Gazan border and asked for international protection of Palestinians. 120 for, 8 against.
The world is instinctively against us until we start fulfilling our predestination: practical unification of people.
From Twitter, 6/17/18

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