Don’t Run Away From The World

laitman_761.3Question from Facebook: Do you really think that everyone should leave their business and job, sell everything the way you did, and just study Kabbalah? Are you “second best” if you don’t do this?

Answer: Not at all! I had no other choice. Nobody told me to do that. I just had an inner calling, a certain kind of fate that guided me, and I could not have acted otherwise.

Question: So when you tell us about this, it is not an example?

Answer: Of course, it is not an example. I myself do not know if I would have done that again or not. It just happened.

Question: Does it mean that a person should not leave his job or his business in order to study Kabbalah?

Answer: On the contrary, studying Kabbalah requires that you engage in all of that.

I did not quit my job. I changed it to another one so that I could study without being burdened by anything, without thinking how I would pay taxes, organize all kinds of things, and be responsible for the business. I just wanted to take care of my needs, to work a little to support my family, and to spend the rest of my time studying.

Question: What is your advice to someone studying Kabbalah? How should he live in this world with work, family, and so on?

Answer: In no case should a person run away from this world. It seems to him that he might make some great altruistic, sacrificial act, but in fact, it is not the case. He should stay at his job and continue everything the way he did before.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/1/18

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