My Thoughts On Twitter 6/20/18

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People are getting tired of relating to each other based on appearance. So what will come next?
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Spiritual work in the group, ten, is like being on swings: one comes down, while others work to lift him. Someone is always at the bottom while everyone else is on top, opposite him, helping him—this way, everyone rises.
This is how we are allowed to advance from above.

The difference between potentials that awakens a friend is the difference between the sum of 9 Keters and 9 Malchuts that are in 9 friends. It’s the difference between spiritual values relative material ones: importance of the Creator vs. importance of creation, the world, egoism

A person should “start” himself like an engine, with a starter, until he starts and works by himself.
For each attempt to “start” one’s #soul, we receive upper light from above. It influences us and bit by bit, starts the work of the soul, according to the force of the light.

By annulling ourselves and uniting in order to help a friend in his descent, we collect 9 points of Keter and 9 points of Malchut, and we get 1 large Keter and 1 large Malchut, and the huge difference between the KeterMalchut potentials. With it, we enliven the friend.

As all ideas and movements, the idea of #globalization has exhausted itself, not offering anything new. #Trump favors a comeback to retail ego rather than a common one—that’s already better for the world, but not for the elites… The hegemony of #Germany is over. Perestroika!
From Twitter 6/20/18

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