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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

As #egoism grows, the tension between it and the point in the heart increases, i.e., hostility and #hate toward Jews is growing inside people. The internal relationship between the point in the heart and the heart is reflected externally in the relationship between #Israel and the nations of the world.

– Why do Jews in #Israel and abroad identify with those who want to delegitimize their home?
– The Jews are trying to avoid fulfilling their destiny of being “a light onto the nations,” looking for ways to erase, hide their roots. But according to the science of #Kabbalah their spiritual root is eternal.

Baal HaSulam writes that “in every person, even secular, there is a certain spark that calls for unity with the Creator.” It awakens a person toward the attainment of the Creator or toward His denial—and this, according to Baal HaSulam, is one and the same.

A spark is a “point in the heart” in every person in the world from the single soul (Adam), which is more visible among the Jews. The heart is a manifestation of self-love or egoism, while the point in the heart is a spark striving for love of others.
#Jewish #Kabbalah

-What is the border-line between criticism of #Israel and #antizionism?
-Criticism may be voiced if it’s not venomous. Full freedom of speech for all who call for peace should be allowed. But peace cannot be reached through destruction, and certainly not through anti-Semitic hype.

In place of #Antisemitism, a newfound glory and fulfillment will arise that will spread through the Jewish people to the whole of humanity, turning anti-Semitic sentiments into its opposite: support, respect, and mutual appreciation.
#Jewish #kabbalah #Israel 🇮🇱

🇮🇱The role of the nation of #Israel is to unite and pass the method of connection to humanity. They lack awareness of their noble role and the weight of their responsibility to the world. When Jews unite and spread unity around the world, #Antisemitism, boycotts, and accusations will cease.
From Twitter, 12/14/19

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Advancing In The Dark

laitman_278.01We know that our entire path is ups and downs. It is impossible to rise to a stage until one has received an addition of egoistic desire that has to be overcome. This will mean the rise to the next step, as it is said: “There was evening and there was morning, one day.” It all starts with the night, with darkness, the revelation of the spoiled desire, and through correcting it we come to the day.

We have to understand that if we did a good job and rose a lot at the big European congress in Bulgaria, now we should feel a fall. But this will be a different kind of descent because we have expanded our Kli. Everything happens no longer within just one ten that rises and falls deeper each time and brings an increasingly heavy burden of the heart.

We already have experience of such descents, we understand their inevitability and rejoice in them as preparation for the next step, the coming ascent. But now this process will become foggier, and will manifest not in the form of ups and downs, but as expansion and contraction. This is a little different and one has to learn to distinguish between such changes. Since ascents and descents can occur relative to the inner Kli  as well as the Kli for the surrounding light, they manifest themselves in different ways.1

The Creator reveals an additional part of the broken soul to us and wants us not only to feel the darkness, our powerlessness and helplessness, but to understand that this is the beginning of a new stage that has come from the Creator. But usually this awareness calms a person and one surrenders to the new state, justifying one’s weakness and inability to act. A person thinks that everything will go by itself in a day or two; it is not scary, and I can wait.

Experience causes a person to get used to the descents and agree with them without trying to get out of them. But it is here that there is an opportunity to make an effort. On the one hand, we have to agree with the darkness and unpleasant sensations and be happy that the descent came from the Creator who controls all the states. But at the same time, it is in darkness, on dark nights, that we have the opportunity to add to our work.

In such states when we feel powerless, we should try to scrutinize and turn them into working states so that as soon as possible through all necessary actions, we will come to the only effective means: to prayer. This prayer is not about getting more light and feeling, but about the opportunity to please the Creator through the friends. A place where darkness and dullness of feelings reign is the very place that we need to revive. This is the main place of our work.

If we learn this correct approach, we will be able to refine it each time, adding more and more details, then we will understand that we have to work and advance in the dark and that the night work is the most blessed. We ourselves will seek the opportunity to work in the darkness in order to generate light from the darkness. This will not be the light that came from the Creator, but the light that we feel from being able to work in darkness, the light of faith, the light of Hassadim raised by us.

Then we will understand that day and night can come from the Creator, but they can be caused by a person. After all, a person is able to illuminate the night and turn it into a day, awakening the dawn. This is another kind of dawn caused by a person’s work, not the one that came from above.

Therefore, we have to look for how in the state of darkness not to detach from the Creator, from “there is none else besides Him,” from the tens, and from holiness in order to strive and seek the power of bestowal, Hassadim, as the only fulfillment.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/12/19, “A Lesson on Hardening of The Heart—An Invitation To Ascent”

1 Minute 0:20
2 Minute 5:10

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Quotes About The Concept Of Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 12/13/19

What’s the difference between the concept of time in our world and in the spiritual world?

Learn more

Spiritual Geography, Part 5

laitman_740.03Mount Hermon to the Dead Sea

Question: There are 32 springs descend from Mount Hermon and their waters gather on the Golan plateau. Why exactly 32? Did somebody count them or is it a pure allegory?

Answer: No, this is not allegory. The fact is the entire system of the upper world consists of 320 parts and each of them consists of ten Sefirot. Therefore, as it were, 32 streams of the upper light come down from the highest point through the system called the light of Hochma to Bina—the Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee).

Question: From the River Jordan to Jerusalem stretches the territory that corresponds to the force Zeir Anpin. What is this force?

Answer: The fact is that the descent from above downward is intended to provide water to the lower ones. The lower ones are the souls that belong to Zeir Anpin and Malchut, that is, to the Dead Sea. Ultimately, it is necessary to bring water to the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea has existed for many thousands of years. This is the lowest point on earth 420 meters below sea level, and today perhaps even lower because it constantly gets shallower. Huge craters have formed in it that go deep into the earth.

The Dead Sea is very close to the inner part of Earth, where, in its magma, the entire system of chemical elements boils. Therefore, this place is very heavy. The water in the sea is also special. No matter how much it is studied, it is impossible to fully study its special internal qualities.

This sea represents our egoism, the will to receive, the black matter, that closes only in itself and therefore, there is no life there.

Remark: It is written, however, that after the end of correction everything there should come alive again.

My Comment: It is only if we do the right thing, then the Dead Sea will receive all the goodness, light and water from Mount Hermon and will blossom.

Once instead of these deserts and mountains lush vegetation, forests, and vineyards grew.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/28/19

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“How Germany Can Help Prevent Another Holocaust” (Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “How Germany Can Help Prevent Another Holocaust

“I bow my head before the victims of the Shoah,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel in her first visit to Auschwitz in the 14 years she has been in office. Her gesture emerged amid the backdrop of the debate between upholders of the belief that Germany cannot ignore its past, and the extreme right calling for minimizing Nazi atrocities in the Second World War.

Neither option, however, can prevent a new tragedy for the Jewish people. Doing so requires a deep investigation into the root cause of Jewish persecution, and its solution.

Merkel also referred to the alarming level of anti-Semitism in Germany in the last few years, and announced donating $66 million to preserve the memorial site. However, solving anti-Semitism requires much more substantial action.

If Germany truly wants to contribute to the world and avoid returning to the darkest chapter of its history, it would do better to establish and advance its own research institute, led by non-Jewish Germans, which examines anti-Semitism: its causes, and efforts toward a solution.

Anti-Semitism Still Rampant in Germany

Last year alone there were 1,646 anti-Semitic incidents in Germany, a ten percent increase compared to the previous year, reaching a record high in a decade. Following a neo-Nazi attack on a synagogue in Halle, and a wave of recent violent attacks against Jews, leaders from the German Jewish community feel “under siege.” They also have additional reasons to be worried. For instance, one in four Germans show anti-Semitic sentiments and thoughts according to a recent survey conducted by the World Jewish Congress.

The current reality shows that 75 years after a million Jews were murdered by the Nazis in Auschwitz-Birkenau, anti-Semitic manifestations have not vanished. They are still embedded in German society.

Why? Understanding the core reason behind anti-Semitism felt among many millions of people starts with understanding anti-Semitism as a natural phenomenon.

How Anti-Semitism Is a Natural Phenomenon

Anti-Semitism is a natural phenomenon that awakens at any given moment in every person and nation, both in Jews and non-Jews.

If Germans scratch the surface of this problem, they will be surprised to find that their sentiments of hatred, as well as the world’s animosity, stem back thousands of years. They will read in the sources how since the dawn of history “Esau hates Jacob,” meaning the nations hate Israel, and how from the time the Torah was given from Sinai, hatred toward Jews was enacted with regular legality.

Every time Jews were united, there was brotherhood and peace among the nations of the world, whereas when they were separated and Jews used their egoistic inclination only in their own favor and at the expense of the other, there was internal unrest among the nations. Consequently, negative feelings arose in human beings or in whole nations, which encouraged them to hate Jews wherever they were. It often also transformed into intolerable acts of violence.

The Cause and Solution to Anti-Semitism

Jews have an intrinsic attribute, a sort of DNA, to connect and bestow, called the “point in the heart.” When we develop this point through the study of the method of connection, the wisdom of Kabbalah, we can then unite above our differences, and pass the sense of unity and fulfillment onto humanity.

Anti-Semitism emerges when we Jews separate from each other, which is our current state, instead of uniting. Our separation sends ripples of a divisive mindset throughout humanity’s collective unconscious, adding to the division that tears societies apart around the world. In return, the nations of the world point at us with resentment and complaints. Therefore, unless we undergo a major transformation and implement the unifying principle of “love your neighbor as yourself,” connecting through our hearts, attacks against us will continue.

Thus, thorough scrutiny, research and awareness about the true cause of anti-Semitism is a fundamental and significant first step to solve the problem once and for all. The more that the idea of the need for Jewish unity spreads, together with the understanding of anti-Semitism as a natural response to a lack of Jewish unity, then the more we would be on a new path to a safer and friendlier Germany, Europe and even world.

Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 9/7/19, Part 2

595.04Question: We begin to feel darkness as if from within our egoism. Darkness, which in essence is the same as light, is external darkness. Does it differ in any way from the darkness that I begin to feel egoistically?

Answer: Darkness is the feeling of egoism, period. There are no other kinds of darkness. There are only two forces: egoistic and altruistic. The egoistic is felt as darkness in our spiritual development, the altruistic—as light.

Question: What does it mean to annul myself? What should I restrict in spirituality and in corporeality? How is it possible to find balance between these two lines?

Answer: This is a problem that you can learn about only in our courses, only in the lessons in a gradual connection with teachers: how to balance corporeal and spiritual life. You have to work, have a family, and study Kabbalah. How can you bring it all into balance? In order to do so, you have to be under the supervision of mentors.

Question: Can I, through my request to the Creator, influence other people’s perception of the world? Or is the revelation of the Creator to them not my task and I need only concentrate on the prayer for connection?

Answer: Concentrate only on the prayer for connection of your ten, and through it, you can already ask the Creator for greater connection than in the ten. There must first be the ten, otherwise you do not turn to the Creator, but to whatever, simply to the air.

Question: What should I do if today, at the lesson, during the workshops, I do not want to say anything, I have neither thoughts nor words?

Answer: It means that yesterday you were filled so much that nothing fits into you anymore. What can you do? It will pass gradually. Whatever you received today by being present at the lesson will be revealed in you later. It all entered you, but at the moment you cannot work with it.

Question: How can you pray correctly for the ten in the darkness?

Answer: In the darkness, you cannot pray for the ten. You should adhere to it, enter it. This is why you were given the darkness. The ten then begins to correct and elevate you, and everything will work out.
From Lesson 4, World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/7/19, Rejoice in What We Lack/Work in Concealment

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