Advancing In The Dark

laitman_278.01We know that our entire path is ups and downs. It is impossible to rise to a stage until one has received an addition of egoistic desire that has to be overcome. This will mean the rise to the next step, as it is said: “There was evening and there was morning, one day.” It all starts with the night, with darkness, the revelation of the spoiled desire, and through correcting it we come to the day.

We have to understand that if we did a good job and rose a lot at the big European congress in Bulgaria, now we should feel a fall. But this will be a different kind of descent because we have expanded our Kli. Everything happens no longer within just one ten that rises and falls deeper each time and brings an increasingly heavy burden of the heart.

We already have experience of such descents, we understand their inevitability and rejoice in them as preparation for the next step, the coming ascent. But now this process will become foggier, and will manifest not in the form of ups and downs, but as expansion and contraction. This is a little different and one has to learn to distinguish between such changes. Since ascents and descents can occur relative to the inner Kli  as well as the Kli for the surrounding light, they manifest themselves in different ways.1

The Creator reveals an additional part of the broken soul to us and wants us not only to feel the darkness, our powerlessness and helplessness, but to understand that this is the beginning of a new stage that has come from the Creator. But usually this awareness calms a person and one surrenders to the new state, justifying one’s weakness and inability to act. A person thinks that everything will go by itself in a day or two; it is not scary, and I can wait.

Experience causes a person to get used to the descents and agree with them without trying to get out of them. But it is here that there is an opportunity to make an effort. On the one hand, we have to agree with the darkness and unpleasant sensations and be happy that the descent came from the Creator who controls all the states. But at the same time, it is in darkness, on dark nights, that we have the opportunity to add to our work.

In such states when we feel powerless, we should try to scrutinize and turn them into working states so that as soon as possible through all necessary actions, we will come to the only effective means: to prayer. This prayer is not about getting more light and feeling, but about the opportunity to please the Creator through the friends. A place where darkness and dullness of feelings reign is the very place that we need to revive. This is the main place of our work.

If we learn this correct approach, we will be able to refine it each time, adding more and more details, then we will understand that we have to work and advance in the dark and that the night work is the most blessed. We ourselves will seek the opportunity to work in the darkness in order to generate light from the darkness. This will not be the light that came from the Creator, but the light that we feel from being able to work in darkness, the light of faith, the light of Hassadim raised by us.

Then we will understand that day and night can come from the Creator, but they can be caused by a person. After all, a person is able to illuminate the night and turn it into a day, awakening the dawn. This is another kind of dawn caused by a person’s work, not the one that came from above.

Therefore, we have to look for how in the state of darkness not to detach from the Creator, from “there is none else besides Him,” from the tens, and from holiness in order to strive and seek the power of bestowal, Hassadim, as the only fulfillment.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/12/19, “A Lesson on Hardening of The Heart—An Invitation To Ascent”

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