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laitman_962.7Imagine that you are unemployed and there is no work, you have nothing to eat. Suddenly, somebody offers you a job and it is as if he gave you food, clothes, everything you need and more. Therefore, we must be grateful to the Creator for giving us the opportunity to work.

There are those to whom He did not give such an opportunity: billions of people received no invitation to work for the Creator, which means to receive the reward, the light of Hassadim, the ability to become a bestower like the Creator and to see that through the force of bestowal they receive a great reward.

Therefore, a person must be glad that he received the hardening of the heart—the place for work. This is the place where the Creator draws him closer, invites him to Himself. If the Creator fulfills a person in the place where he is, He pushes him away from Himself. We must understand this attitude and treat the descent purposefully.

Therefore, when it seems to me that the light does not shine upon me, I must take this as an invitation to seek how to emanate the light myself into the darkness. By revealing the darkness to me, the Creator reveals the shattered desire to me. I must bring to it the light of Hassadim in order to illuminate this desire.

If we relate to our states correctly, we will see that in each of them, supposedly bright or supposedly dark in the heart and the mind, there is always something we can add toward adhesion with the Creator in order to become ever greater partners of His in the work. The Creator takes a step and I accordingly take the second step complementing Him. This is how it is all the time: He does something and so do I.

As a result, I begin to better understand the Creator’s actions and I can divide them into stages and steps, and track the causes and effects. Thus, I find the causal dependence and increase the quality of my actions. It turns out that I already perceive this not as hardening of the heart, but as a language in which the Creator speaks to me. In all the ascents and descents, I begin to feel the construction of the vessels and their fulfillment, our conversation with the Creator, me and Him.

I begin to feel the ten as a musical instrument that gives me all the possibilities to express myself, and to hear and feel the Creator in the ten as if within a melody played on ten keys.

My mutual work with the Creator is in trying every moment to complete the state I find myself in. I realize that I have received this moment from the Creator, that all the feelings and understanding came from Him, and I must add this to “There is none else besides Him, the good who does good.” I do not act primitively, one on one, directly from me to the Creator, but through the ten. I begin to feel how my friends and I must connect with each other in order to provide a correct response to the Creator.

The entire ten connects in Arvut (mutual guarantee) in order to complete our common response to the Creator. The Creator changes our states and each of us must complete himself so that he balances the ten, brings everyone to one thought, to one intention together to bring contentment to the Creator.

Therefore, everyone wants to feel each other together in order to feel that the Creator is content. This is how we will start becoming closer to the Creator and talk to Him more and more. This is the language of communication with Him: in all the ten Kelim (vessels) we will feel a connection, a mechanism letting us talk to each other. If we are together with the friends, we hear the Creator and talk to Him.

“They helped everyone his friend”: through the connection with the friends we come to the ability to pass our thoughts and desires to the Creator and to hear His voice in our common Kli (vessel).

It is a special feeling when we feel ourselves not only together, but as one. With such a connection a resonance effect occurs: all the particular harmonics are connected together and give not just more power, but change into a new quality because of our unity.1

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/12/19, Hardening of the Heart – Invitation to Ascend
1 Minute: 11:58 – 25:06

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