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Appreciate Above All That Exists In This World

laitman_276.05The holiday of Sukkot allows you to better understand spiritual work, that is, the way a person approaches the Creator. Due to our unity and the diminishing of our ego, we create a place for the Creator where He can dress and reveal Himself among us. The nature of this work varies depending on the depth of desire and its state at different stages of approaching the Creator. Therefore, there are times when the work differs: special days, holidays, days and nights, weeks, etc.

Now we are clarifying a special kind, a special form of approaching the Creator called “Sukkot.” In essence, this work always includes the same components: the desire to enjoy, restriction, the screen, and the reflected light, but with different types of connection between the corrected desire and the upper force, the source of light.

That is why we are studying holiday traditions not as folk customs, but as a method of special approach to the Creator. After all, there is a connection between the branch and the root, and therefore, the state of spiritual roots is reflected in our world. At a time when there is a special surrounding light that brings the corporeal holiday of Sukkot to this world, we should study the upper spiritual roots of this holiday.

Various states descend from the upper roots into our world, reflected as holidays and special traditions in our world.

We exist in the reality of our desire to enjoy, which pictures this whole world for us. And in order to see the true world, we must rise above this egoistic picture. For this, we need to make a cover (Schach), that is, to raise the importance of concepts for which there is absolutely no use from the point of view of a sound egoistic mind: faith, bestowal, unity, love.

No one appreciates such things in our world. As a rule, the most egoistic people striving for power, money, fame, like to talk about love for people, but we understand that this is only to confuse others and take power over them.

Sukkot is a radical transformation that occurs after a person decides to start the New Year, a new period. Everything that was previously insignificant garbage for him, rejected by our egoistic desire, he now collects and raises above his head.

These things cannot be at the level of the mind because there is no rational meaning in them. They need to be elevated above reason, against human logic, and appreciated above all that exists in this world. What becomes most important to me is unity, love, bestowal—everything related to the correction of the desire.

If a person thinks this way, it means that he is building the Sukkah and sanctifies it, sitting in its shadow and enjoying himself. Only in this form can he achieve Ushpizin and deserve to receive honored guests, approaching the Creator more and more every day. The seven days of Sukkot are against the seven Sefirot revealing in our corrected spiritual vessel (Kli).1

Rabash, Letter #36: “…for it is known that Sukkah is the “shadow of faith,” and with respect to the judgment, its shade must be bigger than its sun.

And if one is rewarded and does not add shade on his own, there is mercy on him from above and the sun is covered for him. But then a person becomes angry because he understands otherwise.

And if a person overcomes the shade, he is given “a sun,” and then he must add shade. If he does not add, he is given shade from above, and so forth until he is rewarded with eternal Dvekut (adhesion).

This is called a dance. The Creator plays with a person, giving him sometimes more, sometimes less, and checking his reaction. A person must keep the shade all the time so that his screen covers all his knowledge, that is, he always remains in bestowal.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/19, Sukkot

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What Will Israel Look Like In 2050? (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What will the state of Israel look like in 2050?

No one can answer this question definitively because we’re in a process of free choice.

What does it mean that we’re in a process of free choice?

It means that we can either move forward unknowingly into traps and blows that will force us to examine the way we live our lives, or we can build a society that will let us carry out what depends on us: to unite with each other, balancing our relations with those of the integral and interconnected laws of nature. Ultimately, if we fail to progress the latter way, then we can consider ourselves done for.

Let’s say that by 2050, we need to have transitioned to a much more unified society, with a certain amount of disclosure of nature’s quality of love and bestowal dwelling among our relations. To the extent that we tried to unite, we would experience a positive reaction from nature, and to the extent that we failed to make efforts in the direction of unity when we could have, then we would experience suffering. And the suffering would be in order to show us that we’re going the wrong way if we’re not trying to unite.

Nevertheless, what can be said is that the nation of Israel will continue living on. Why? It is because the nation of Israel needs to carry out the above-mentioned correction of the world, i.e. unification in order to be a conduit for global unity.

The nation of Israel carries the method of the world’s correction at its foundation. It received the method of correction from Abraham in ancient Babylon, based on the premise of “love your neighbor as yourself,” and in order spread its unity to humanity at large (to be “a light unto the nations”).

We thus need to consider what depends on us, how we can realize the correction—to awaken a spirit of unity among each other in order for a sense of connection to ripple throughout the world.

Therefore, I cannot say what will happen in 2050. What will happen is what we will decide—the extent to which we will implement our unifying function in the world.

Will We See A New World?

Laitman_632.1Question: How much time is left before the creation of the ideal world? Will we make it in this time or is it only the prerogative of our children?

Answer: No. It is you who will see the new world as soon as you create it from the fragmented pieces of the system called Adam, or creation, or the common soul.

It has been broken into 600,000 pieces. We have to connect these parts again into one system and then it will be called Adam, which means “similar to the Creator.”

This is when the so-called adhesion will occur, the dynamic balance between the creation and the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 7/28/19

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The History Of The Past, Present And Future

laitman_622.01“The history of the past” sounds a little ironic, like someone’s story based on one’s own subjective experiences, or even a novel. People think that history is the events that happened a few days, months, or many years ago in our world, for unknown reasons, in a random order of cause and effect.

However, the fact is that our reality has a spiritual root that descends and reaches the corporeal world, creating the concept of time in it. At certain times, due to certain forces emanating from their spiritual root, the spiritual form spreads downward and materializes in a corporeal form. We perceive it all as history.

The wisdom of Kabbalah reveals the events that must happen. Therefore, it does not separate between past history and future events. The same spiritual roots must be revealed in this lowest world, only some roots have already been revealed and others are yet to be revealed. It turns out that there is a story about the past and the future.

The entirety of history is predetermined and will undoubtedly happen. Many things written by Kabbalists have already come true. Therefore, history is not divided into the known past and unknown future. For Kabbalists history is one clear process, which is impossible to doubt. They study it as a process of descent of the upper roots that descend to our world losing their spiritual degree, that is, “materializing’ and manifesting in matter such as inanimate matter, plants, animals, and humans of this world.

For example, is it important for us to know that the point in the heart, called “Moses,” which takes a person’s desires out of egoistic slavery, was once embodied in this world as an old man with a snow-white beard whose name was also “Moses,” who led his people out of Egypt? It is written that a person should see himself as exiting Egypt every day. In other words, it is not an event that happened a long time ago and now does not exist. A person should exit his ego every day, from the slavery of egoistic desire to freedom.

Everyone is obliged to perform such exodus, and this is not ancient history, but everyone’s personal story, which one must write: to understand that he is enslaved by his egoism, to fight with his own personal Pharaoh, to escape from him, and reach freedom. He must then undergo all the other changes up to the end of correction, which is not yet visible to us in our world.

The history of this world unfolds as if according to a clock ticking on the wall. We, however, should work according to the upper clock where there is no past, present, and future, but everything is determined relative to the observing person. Therefore, it does not matter whether or not the event has already happened in our world. Kabbalists do not look at this at all because they do not feel time and do not measure it by the criteria accepted by the people of this world.

History in the view of the wisdom of Kabbalah is not something that happened once upon a time or will happen in the future, but rather, it is something that already exists now. Each person himself discovers this history according to his spiritual advancement. I can go through all of history from beginning to end and in the opposite direction from end to beginning, walk through it, feel what the First and Second Temples are and their destruction, the Egyptian exile, the Maccabean war, and so on. If a person is controlling his will to receive, he can experience all historical periods as he wishes.

It is said that there is no past, present, and future in the Torah because it is above time. It is precisely about rising above the time of our world and not being tied to my egoism that at the moment determines for me in what time I should live, that is, what I should feel now. I must rise above my egoistic desire and then I myself will determine not only in what time and era, but in what state I want to live. That is, I will become completely free as if floating above time.

When a person receives a spiritual nature, he is already not tied to time, movement, and space, that is, corporeal parameters, but exists above them, in spiritual space. By studying Kabbalah, a person gradually departs from childish ideas about history. Yet, in order to really break away from corporeal perception, it is necessary to acquire an anti-egoistic screen (Masach), a tool that lets us rise above egoism and become free. A person can then already imagine everything that exists in our root.
From KabTV’s “First steps in Kabbalah. The history of Kabbalah,” 10/7/19

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11/6/19

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “Love Covers All Crimes” (Preparation for the Convention in Bulgaria)

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Lesson on the Topic “Preparation for the Convention in Bulgaria”

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