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Unite On A More Internal Level

laitman_962.5Before we get to ask, the question comes down from above and enters our mind and feelings. Only then do we sense it and proceed to ask. The Creator answers us through books and teachers.

We are completely controlled from above, and all that is left to do is to annul ourselves. Only by annulling can we feel that we’ve done something ourselves and not just received from the Creator. Annulment involves our participation, our freewill. We may not know how or what to do, but through faith above knowledge we chose to be a part of the neutral zone above reason. If not for this tiny, but most important part, we would not exist as creations but would be similar to the still, vegetative, and animal nature.1

In this world we are given the friends, the ten, the teacher, and the method. All together it is called my teacher, meaning that which ties me to the goal of creation, the purpose of my life.

The concept of the teacher includes the following:

· A person who studied longer than I have,
· A group of friends that I advance with,
· A method passed down to us by the teacher,
· The books that reached our days through many generations,
· The Creator that we aspire toward through our connection with the books and with the teacher.

All this I combine into one, so that through relating to it the right way and accumulating a certain amount of actions, I would reach a palpable result.

I must annul myself before the Creator in order to advance. This is where the teacher helps me by directing me not toward himself but toward the Creator, as well as the group that directs me not toward the group but toward the Creator. Thus, “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator” aim me toward the upper force. I can annul before the Creator by annulling before the teacher and the group that direct me toward Him.2

The teacher is comprised of two parts:

1. A man of this world,
2. The spiritual component.

It doesn’t matter which human image the teacher portrays to us in this world, for it all depends on the society he lives in and his culture. Each one of us is a product of their environment, we cannot make ourselves different. We need to discount our vision and perception of the outer image of a person and only account for the inner one.

We should treat each other the same way in the group and throughout the world, taking into consideration only their internal qualities, rather than external ones. There are many people from various cultures and nationalities among us. During the lesson on the screen I keep seeing Spain, Peru, the Baltic, Odessa, Plovdiv, Moscow, Kiev, and New York…  A multitude of cities on our screens and of course these are people with different mentalities, various standards of living and outlooks on life. We must erase all of that from our perception.

I don’t look at these differences and only see their connection with the Creator. This is the part I am looking for. I have to collect these connections with the Creator from everyone, as if I am gathering fruit. I want to join in their connection with the Creator, for they already have this connection or they would not be studying with me. I have to increase my connection with the Creator by means of connecting with this quality in every friend.

In order to achieve this, ten people are needed. If there are nine friends with me as the tenth, we can surely affect the Creator. As if we are ringing His doorbell and He opens the door. But on the condition that there are ten of us (Minyan), the minimum quantity that counts. Less than ten is not taken into consideration. In spirituality, ten is as one. This is the difference between this world and the upper world, where only the connection between the ten is felt.

And this is where we do not differ from each other anywhere in the world, and it makes no difference to me whether to unite with Spain or with Almaty, New York, Kiev, St. Petersburg, or Toronto. The main thing is to have ten people, and we will enter into contact with the Creator.

However, if we don’t have ten people, we have to seek them out, we must awaken the friends that stayed home to come to the meeting or to join in virtually. This is the only thing that’s important. We’ve built a virtual network of connections around the world between us, and I hope that we will develop a mechanism that will unite us on a more internal level. With the help of this tool we return to Babylon, but already in a corrected state. From the side of our nature the Babylonian breakage reigns between us, but above it we are united.3
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/10/19, “Baal HaSulam Memorial Day”

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2 Minute 20:33
3 Minute 2:02:09

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How Not To Be An Idol Worshiper

laitman_938.07Question: There is a certain duality: on one hand, uniting with the Creator, on the other hand, connecting with friends.

I can’t manage to put an equal sign between these concepts. I have the feeling I am either with my friends or I am with the Creator. Is this some kind of idolatry and at the same time it carries you there?

Answer: This is true. Indeed, if your egoism draws you to the Creator, it is idol worshiping. It seems to the ego that it can be filled there. It wants you to relate to the Creator in this way: I want the Creator, I love the Creator, I will be filled with Him, unite, I will do everything for Him, we will succeed with Him.

Remark: Yes, but the Creator is in my friends, He is behind them, He is in this connection. But I only understand this, and very rarely feel it.

My Comment: That is your problem.

Question: Can we solve this together?

Answer: No, you will solve this problem with your ten and with the Creator. There is no other way.

Question: What do I personally need to add to my ten so that I can finally stop focusing on this “mythical figure”?

Answer: Explain to them that the Creator is attained only within the ten itself. Otherwise, you will not find Him, otherwise it will be idol worshiping. This is called “creating an idol,” some statue.

Only within the ten, only in their right relations does the general image of bestowal between friends, called the Creator, manifest itself. Therefore, the Creator says: “You have created Me.” Indeed, with the help of the correct mutual relationship with each other, we create an image of the Creator. And before that, He does not exist. Therefore, the Creator is called Boreh: Bo u-Reh (Come and See).
From the Convention In Moldova “Day One” 9/6/19, “How Can I Affect the Society,” Lesson 3

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Creating The Creator

laitman_939.02Question: How can we say that we are creating the Creator?

Answer: Of course, we create the Creator. There is an upper force around us called Atzmuto, (in Himself). This is not even the Creator but simply an upper force under whose influence the creation appears in the universe, a Kli (vessel), the desire to receive.

We do not deal with the Atzmuto itself because this is an abstract force called “the root cause,” which created a second force. The second force is the Creator, the light, the desire to bestow.

We, the creation, are currently totally broken into 600,000 main components, which in turn is fragmented even further into billions of particles.

If we unite among ourselves, then gradually, to the measure of our connection, we begin to feel the Creator within us. Meaning, we “create the Creator,” we manifest Him within us. And outside of us, we do not even know whether He exists or not.

Therefore, it is all about creating such a system between us that allows the Creator to manifest Himself.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabalah,” 7/28/19

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Convention In Bulgaria “Day Two” – 11/8/19

Convention in Bulgaria 2019, “Preparation for the Lesson 2”

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Convention in Bulgaria 2019, “Living in the Deficiency to Bestow,” Lesson 2

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Convention in Bulgaria 2019, “Preparation for the Lesson 3”

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Convention in Bulgaria 2019, “Building the Image of the Creator in the Ten,” Lesson 3

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Convention in Bulgaria 2019, “The Benefit of Moving Into a World Ten — Contraction and Expansion,” Lesson 4

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