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The black hole is relative to us, for it is the ego that sees darkness in it. It demands going above knowledge, following the opinion of the teacher, of the Creator, of the group. It feels as utter darkness to me. My mind understands that going against the ego-desire is the truth, but my heart doesn’t feel it yet …

The center of the ten is a place where the Creator is concealed from us. If we focus on it in order to uncover this center, the black hole—this is where the Creator will be revealed. Then we’ll also find ourselves in this black hole where the true reality exists.
Everything outside of it is an illusory world.

Pick your scrutinies: what does everything exist for and why, aim for the goal with all your might, toward adhesion with the Creator. Upon receiving the force of bestowal, of love and unity, we will be able to gradually bring the whole world to this adhesion.

Inside a desire we feel ourselves living in this world among billions of people, surrounded by a group of friends lead by a teacher. All this is pictured for me by the Creator, and I must correctly “balance” the pieces of this picture in order to act correctly.
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One cannot advance without rising and falling. With every step you take you also fall in order to understand what a “fall” is and, thus, be able to advance. This is the only way to move forward: a fall always follows a good state.
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Everything will be corrected with unity.
We must reconcile this, accept it, and go above it.

It is not necessary for everyone who follows the chain of Kabbalists to be below those before him. For example, Ari rose above the Kabbalists preceding him. The revelation of the upper world for each Kabbalist corresponds to the root of his soul and the efforts made by him.

In order to transmit spiritual wisdom from teacher to a student or a group of students, it is necessary to form a special common desire —a vessel (Kli), a place for receiving the light, a spiritual message from an upper source into a vessel.

#Kabbalah comes from the word “to receive,” it is a reception of light that reforms followed by an inner light that fulfills. Opening the path for the light is only possible through the mutual effort of a student and teacher. Efforts bring the light, the light builds a screen.

Passing down the knowledge of Kabbalah depends on the proper connection between the teacher and student. The upper transfer happens “mouth to mouth,” meaning through the shared active screens between them. At the very least there must be a “mouth to ear” transfer, this is the first step of studying correctly.

Uniqueness of #Kabbalah is that it is not knowledge that is passed down to a student but a connection to the Source. To get it, one must be connected to his teacher and receive everything from him.
For the #teacher is a link in the chain that connects him with the source of this wisdom, stretching from Adam.

A thread of passing down the wisdom of #kabbalah stretches from the first Kabbalist, Adam to us.
If the thread comes down to a person, he is obliged to bind himself tightly to it, to the source, and to the teacher and try to get the wisdom of Kabbalah from the source through the whole chain of Kabbalists.
From Twitter, 11/22/19

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Life According To A New Script, Part 1

laitman_922Nature has given a person the ability to exit himself and enter the plot of a book or a movie. Endless TV series’ and movie marathons are the mainstream addiction of our times, involving both the older and the younger generation.

The dream of any person is to come home, sit in a chair, dim the lights, turn on the TV, and delve into a TV series.

Netflix, which allows you to watch movies on any device that has a screen (TV, phone, and computer) has 140 million subscribers. People spend hours sitting in front of a screen watching series after series.

This transports a person to a different reality; he wants to separate from everyday life and move into a different movie. That is, he changes the movie in which life forces him to be the main character to another one where he can be a bystander, sitting quietly in a comfortable chair. How nice it would be to live life like in a movie.

One day, they will come up with the idea of completely getting rid of the screen by attaching a wire directly to the head and broadcasting the movie of life to us. I could even be made the main character in it so I can imagine myself in different states. We are in a movie now, without knowing it. How can we know whether this is a movie or not? In fact, that doesn’t matter to us; the main thing is to feel good, or at least not to suffer.

Nature has developed in us the ability to come out of one’s life and empathize with the plot of a movie or a book, with its characters, so that we know that we live in a movie. Our whole life is played out to us like a movie, which we can change.

We can rise above the person who is watching the movie to the level of the forces that project it; we can intervene in them and change our movie, that is, our life. I can make myself a character of any movie I want by changing my states, including life and death.

The ability to empathize with movies is given to us so that we can create a new movie for ourselves where we will be the director. After all, how much do we regret the movies we lived in before, how much we would like to change our past, but think it is impossible. But it is possible. I can change my past, pause this movie, rewind it to the right moment, and start again differently.

I will again become a little carefree child who is just starting life. But what would I like to change in my life? This is the question. I will not be allowed to change anything until I can write a new scenario that is more correct than the old one. Then I will be able to implement it.

After I go through it with my accumulated experience, I will again see how I can improve it, and I will start again on a more mature, serious level, trying to realize myself so that I will not have any regrets at the end of the movie before I die. Then we will understand that the movie does not end and how we can make it continue forever.

The wisdom of Kabbalah allows every person to develop the ability to broadcast the script of his life, keeping everything under control. We learn to accept our life in the correct form so we will not regret any moment of it and will not want to return and correct it.

The life I live will be correct, kind, filled with meaning, and I will not regret a single moment. Then, after all these calculations, I will discover that it was not me who did all this but the force that projects this movie to me, and all the troubles and problems that I had to go through were intended to bring me to a perfect state. There was no other way! Therefore, I agree, the movie ends, and the real life begins.

Then I see that my whole previous life was a dream from which I am awakening now to a new life and I start a new day. This life is eternal and perfect. I am in the correct relationship with the one who was broadcasting this movie to me, and we are together building my further advancement by creating a new movie.

I know and understand how everything is arranged and how it advances by becoming a screenwriter, a cameraman, and a director, that is, a complete master of the movie with thousands of participants. I myself, instead of the upper force, arrange my life. Each person is given their own life and their own world with all the actors.
From KabTV’s “New Life #1167,” 10/22/19

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Have You Ever Experienced Anti-Semitism? (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Have you ever experienced anti-Semitism?

When I lived in Russia, it was a time when anti-Semitism was completely forbidden. Whoever would say a single word against Jews would be put into prison. Then, gradually, it started coming out little by little.

I experienced a situation in Leningrad where someone erupted on a Jewish man on the street, and I got myself involved to try and break it up. I was taken with the men to the police station, and noticed how the police were actually pro-Jewish.

Afterward, when they imprisoned the guy who attacked the Jewish man, I asked the investigator, “Why are you putting him in prison? He’s also got his reasons.”

The investigator replied, “I don’t get involved with what he feels or not. I get my instructions from above. Anti-Semites help Zionists. Jews are a positive force in our country. They work in respectable professions that are good for the country, such as doctors, engineers and lawyers. Therefore, we are pro-Jewish.”

In other words, what he said was not to ask him whether or not he likes Jews. He hated them, but he saw them as beneficial for his country.

In those days, Jews were not in key leadership positions and in the financial banking sector as they are today. They filled those places considered as respectable professions. It was only when the Jews started entering places like the finance and banking sector that the tides of anti-Semitic sentiment started turning.

Today, however, I feel anti-Semitism everywhere I go.

I recently traveled around Europe, visiting and teaching groups of my students in Berlin, Prague, Nuremberg, Moldova, Rome, and most recently where we held a European Kabbalah Convention in Bulgaria.

Everywhere I went, I felt feelings of blame from the nations of the world.

For instance, most recently in Bulgaria, I arrived with nine of my students, and we traveled to a house that we rented in a rural village. It was a lonely house, and there were a few small stores and restaurants, with a local café where people sat from morning till evening.

Even in such a comfortable setting, I felt how they looked at us. I could feel how the attitude was not toward fellow human beings, but that it was an attitude to Jews.

There were no physical signs. It is a feeling that emerges from nature itself, and I understood them well.

Since the Jewish people were founded on an ideological basis of uniting (“love your neighbor as yourself”) from among the divisive social atmosphere of ancient Babylon around 3,800 years ago, then today too, the nations of the world hold a subconscious demand upon the Jewish people to unite. As social division tears through modern society more and more, making people feel increasingly isolated, depressed, anxious and stressed, the more people suffer in today’s modern world, the more they subconsciously blame the Jews for their misfortunes.

Today, anti-Semitism has re-ripened into a global form that has spread over many developed countries and cultures. For instance, South and North Korea, countries with basically no Jews, are generally anti-Semitic countries. The hatred emerges from within human nature, which ultimately wants to access the Creator, the force of bestowal and love that fills reality, but there is a force blocking them from that sensation.

That force is known as “the Jews.”

Therefore, in all anti-Semitic sentiment, and in every anti-Semitic action, I see only a cry from the nations of the world toward the Jews in order that the Jews fulfill their function in the world: to unite “as one man with one heart” and be a connecting plug between humanity and the upper force of love and bestowal.

However, before I see the Jews as a people to blame, I see myself principally as the one to blame.

I see everyone as parts of a grand mechanism that I activate, and whether the connection of the mechanism’s parts are well-oiled, functioning smoothly and harmoniously together, or the contrary, malfunctioning with all kinds of breakages and defects, depends solely on me.

World—Reality Or Illusion? Part 14

laitman_572.02Beyond Absolute Correction

Question: One soul is divided into 600,000 pieces. Each shattered differently. The experience of each of them plays a big role and is very important. Will we return to the common soul and then perceive everything as the Creator?

Answer: When we return together to the common soul, will we be able to attain the Creator in relation to us? Yes, but just like any actions of our world, we comprehend the action, for example, the effect of electricity, magnetism, gravity, etc. That is, we will attain these phenomena, but not Him.

In Kabbalah, in various places, it is hinted that there is another degree when creation breaks away from itself, becomes included in the Creator, and begins to attain not His consequences, not His effect, but Him. However, I cannot imagine such an ascent. This is beyond the bounds of absolute correction. It is quite possible that this also exists.

The fact is that at these stages of our development we are absolutely changing. Our system of perception, logic, everything is changing. We no longer live in three-dimensional space: good-bad, reception-bestowal. We begin to exist in completely different dimensions. Therefore, it is a problem to say what exists during the attainment of the Creator. So far, it is a problem.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 9/15/19

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New Life 279 – Upgrading Relationships, Part 1

New Life 279 – Upgrading Relationships, Part 1
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

We live in a small, interdependent global village and must establish good mutual relations. We had thought that we could advance toward the realization of the American dream and that everyone would live well, but the social gaps are only growing. The middle class has been eroded and few climb up from it. The root cause is social neglect. People are dismissive of others and proud of it. The weak are fighting to survive, hi-tech workers are worried, big executives are under pressure from market instability, and the elites even fear that global insecurity is increasing. It is especially shameful and inappropriate for the Jews to neglect the weak so much in Israel since they must build a model for a corrected human society and be a light for the nations. They need to help humanity embark on a new path through education that is based on love of others and mutual guarantee. People need to be taught that nature is one connected system and that we must connect with one another in order to be in harmony with that system.
From KabTV’s “New Life 279 – Upgrading Relationships, Part 1,” 12/31/13

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11/22/19

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “The Center of The Ten”

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