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The center of the ten is a tiny needle’s eye through which I enter the spiritual world. For this I must restrict all my thoughts, all desires, compressing them into one point, so they will lead me into the upper world through the center of the ten.
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In the spiritual world, the ten is my passport, my shield. It’s the baby’s beloved pacifier. Without the ten, I don’t exist. By including myself in the ten, through it, like by an umbilical chord, I connect to the common soul of Adam HaRishon and the Creator revealed inside it.

My ten is my personal Kli, that I cannot come out of, that I am connected to, and must invest myself in. It’s like a pacifier for a baby—by grabbing onto it, he immediately calms down and regains his balance. Tune in to your particular ten, and then into the whole world Kli.

This is the way by which the Creator leads me to the final correction.
…. and say that thinking about Him is the reward.

We cannot give anything to the Creator except our unity! The Creator is perfect and has no needs. The only thing we can offer Him is a vessel, a Kli for His revelation so that He can be pleased with fulfilling our desire, the first 9 Sefirot, 9 friends.

We must bring passion and drive to our Tango dance with the Creator. Every time He disappears I must check myself: what it is that I strive for, and try to improve the quality of my yearning for Him, for the importance to be not in my fulfillment but in whom I strive for.

The Creator is dancing a tango with us, coming closer and stepping back. Once He brought me the light and disappeared, I have to come closer to the prior state. This resembles an inhalation and exhalation.
The Creator is teaching me: through the actions in the group I am giving Him a place to reveal Himself, inviting Him, demanding His revelation.

The main thing is to break away from myself. I want to strive for Him and give Him pleasure. This is contributing to the ten. Therefore, the ten takes on a new meaning, Shechinah, a place for the revelation of the Creator where I can bestow to Him.
Everything is directed toward the state of bestowal, “Lishma.

I want to connect my states to the Creator: striving toward Him is an ascent, lack of aspiration is a descent, despite the general well-being. If I strive toward the Creator, who is it for: to please me or Him? We weigh in an extra factor: for myself or the Creator …
Myself or a friend?
From Twitter, 11/19/19

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