Overcome The Resistance—Reveal Love

Laitman_632.3Arvut (mutual guarantee) is the law of the correct connection of creations with each other within which they reveal the Creator. We create the Creator in the network of mutual guarantee that we build. With genuine mutual guarantee, everyone exits himself and joins others. Indeed, no one can reveal the Creator within himself, only outside, to the extent of his connection with foreign, maybe even opposite and hateful desires.

It is said: “Love covers all transgressions.” Therefore, we have to reveal the sins in order to build love over them. Only in this way can the light can be known: “as the advantage of light over darkness.” The nature of the Creator is perceived only in contrast: each of His properties is revealed from the opposite of a certain property of creation, and  love will cover all transgressions.

Therefore, on the way to mutual guarantee, we have to encounter all the properties opposite to it: hatred, rejection, neglect, and build a system of relations between each other atop them. There is only one aspiration in the system of mutual guarantee: to connect with others and serve them, to fill and give everything they need.

A person can never fulfill himself, in corporeal life and more so in spirituality where there is no way to receive even a spark of light in his own desires. But if I connect with others and want to satisfy them, then the light will shine through me. This means that I “receive,” I get the opportunity to fill the neighbor, and this is called my fulfillment!

So, we gain a spiritual Kli, fill the common network called Adam, man, and the power of unification and unity, the upper Light, the Creator, is revealed in us. All we need is to build mutual guarantee between us, therein lies the correction of the common soul.1

Our common soul is broken. We need to come to the feeling of a single system where everyone fills the others and vouches for them. The Light spreads to all other souls through it. No one else can connect them and fill them like he does, so everyone is like Keter in relation to everyone else. So, we build the system of a common soul.2

How can one feel the desire of a friend? We have to work on this as if I adopted a child and I want to penetrate his desires and serve him.

We have to pray to feel the friends’ hearts. After all, their desires are parts of my soul, but there is resistance between us, a resistor that does not allow me to feel them. I have to feel the power to overcome this resistance, then I will perceive it as help, which is called “Love will cover all transgressions.”

Therefore, these transgressions are for my own good. If I connect with a friend upon them, then the resistance does not disappear but only grows. But I still try to contact him, connect on top of the resistor separating us, and shed all my love on him. Then in this resistor I perform all the work, generate all the power, which is called warming up the hearts, as if an electric current flows in the network and heats up the resistor. The same laws apply here.

Love is revealed precisely because there is resistance. Love can be revealed only when there are clashes and problems.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/19/19, “The Mutual Guarantee”

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