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How To Respond To Acute Situations?

laitman_600.04Question: Each of us has different situations in corporeal life. How can they be scrutinized correctly, in a spiritual way?

Answer: Everything that happens to us descends from above; nothing is accidental.

Question: How do people studying this method relate to similar situations occurring outside of the group?

Answer: I do not perform fortune-telling. There is the authority of the Creator over all events that occur and I need to respond to this above reason.

If I really rise above it, I get an answer. If not, then I will, like everything in our world, exist in various silly conjectures.
From the Convention In Moldova “Day One” 9/6/19, “To Become Ready to Be Influenced by the Society,” Lesson 2

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Bring Light To The World

laitman_938.04Rabash, “What Is the Degree One Should Achieve in Order Not to Have to Reincarnate?”: The thing is that we have to know that all of the souls extend from the soul of Adam HaRishon. He is called Adam HaRishon, which means the first man. A man is called the collection of all egoistic qualities into a single altruistic one. After Adam sinned, that is, fell from the quality of bestowal and love into the quality of reception, his soul, his structure, his desire was divided.

There are no bodies, there are only desires. Therefore, his desire, which was one big common light, shattered into a large number of small desires, each of which contains a microdose of light. We have to connect these microdoses together by directing our desires to one big, common desire.

This is our work of correction. At that, it is not only in collecting the particles into which the light shattered, but also in connecting them into a big force. Therefore, our work is divided into a great number of parts of the broken Kli (vessel) of Adam and into the sequence in which we assemble this single common desire called “Adam.”

This work takes a lot of time because we cannot do it in one single effort. Therefore, we should understand that each of us requires an environment in order to advance.

In principle, in all cases in life, I can solve most of my problems only with the help of the environment. I am already beginning to understand the condition that the shattering of the Kli dictates me to constantly be with my own kind who are yearning for connection. Then we can influence each other, act, and help each other both physically and internally.

Our desires, the lights that fill us, although they are still minuscule, nevertheless, their microdoses influence each other and thus, we can support and help each other. Our advancement is in this.

This is why connection is of utmost importance. Trying all the time to see in others an example of what else I can do, what else I can learn from everyone, from anyone, in any way—from their longings and their actions for connection. This is considered as one person helping another.

When we gather, we can learn both virtually and physically, but nothing can replace such a big gathering as a convention because only in such massive gatherings can people influence each other.

They should help each other, demonstrate how much they yearn for connection. There is no need to demonstrate familiarity, hugs, slaps, and pats. We must try to convey to each other the yearning of our hearts. That is primary. Together we should try to convince the Creator that we are already worthy for Him to unite us.

Such a persistent request from each heart to other hearts and through their connection to the Creator is most important. We will then begin to feel that we really are in the great upper light.

This can only be achieved at large conventions. Of course, you can come to this in a group, and in small meetings, but when such a mass of people come, already familiar with each other, it is really a great force. There is nothing like it in the world. Moreover, the world is waiting, subconsciously, unconsciously, but it is waiting for us to bring light to it, to bring the upper force closer.
From the Convention In Moldova “Day One” 9/6/19, “Dissolving in the Friends,” Lesson 1

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Kabbalah And Beliefs, Part 9

laitman_260.01Why Does the Creator Love Sinners?

Question: Baal HaSulam wrote that he rejoices at the revelation of sinners within himself, meaning egoistic intentions toward the Creator. What does this mean?

Answer: The Creator loves sinners more than the righteous because the sinner reveals that the Creator sends him evil. The Creator created the soul, a huge universal web where we are all connected, and then broke it. And now He is showing us its fragments so that we constantly keep asking Him to properly reconnect us.

Therefore, when I feel separated from others, unwilling to connect with them, in opposition to the Creator and the whole world, I am called a sinner. But that leads me to ask Him for correction.

The righteous is a state in which I have nothing to ask for. It is possible that I mistakenly remain in this state.

Question: In any case, all these states keep changing; they are not static?

Answer: Of course. The most important thing is to change. This happens only if a person is in a group and the group is directed toward the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/17/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11/1/19

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “Bnei Baruch” – Spiritual Pipeline to the World” (Preparation for the Convention in Bulgaria)

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