Kabbalah And Beliefs, Part 7

laitman_600.04What is man’s sin?

Man’s sin is that he did not ask the Creator for help. Had he asked for help, he would certainly get help from the Creator. But if a person says that he asked for help and the Creator did not help him, to this comes the answer that a person should believe that the Creator hears the prayers, as it is written, “For You hear the prayer of every mouth.” … when a person wants to walk on the path of bestowal and not by way of reception, the sin is mainly that a person did not ask the Creator to help him overcome the evil. For this, he asks forgiveness, and from here on he will ask for help.(Rabash, Shlavey HaSulam, Article. 4 (1988), “What Is the Prayer for Help and for Forgiveness in the Work?”)

Remark: A sin is usually understood as a bad action toward another…

My Comment: Good or bad actions are not performed by you, but by the Creator.

The transgression is not in doing something bad, but in not asking the Creator to correct you, and thus, the egoistic qualities that have awoken in you have pushed you toward making this poor action.

You sin is in not asking for correction of your egoistic qualities. The rest of it is all the Creator, and in no way is any of it on you.

In fact, there are no actions that you have to do except a single one: to ask the Creator for help to conquer the evil inclination.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals  of Kabbalah,” 12/17/18

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