Kabbalah And Beliefs, Part 4

624.02Prayer and Prayer Books

Question: In Kabbalah, prayer means to “judge yourself.” What does that mean?

Answer: It means that a person evaluates himself, his qualities, and checks based on what properties he measures and evaluates the Creator. Therefore, he judges himself: Am I doing it right, am I rising above my egoism, can I be objective, etc.?

A person carries out internal clarifications of the level of one’s perception, how objective it is and how correctly one senses the Creator, undisturbed by one’s inner egoism.

Question: Is it possible to say that prayer is the realization of what a person desires from the current state and what state one aspires to? This delta causes a necessary internal request in the person, and although one does not understand whom one is addressing, a person senses changes within himself.

Answer: Precisely.

Question: And this nothing to do with those prayer books also written by Kabbalists?

Answer: Everything is much more complicated here. Prayer books are what the Kabbalists wrote for themselves, that is, a research plan of their own perceptions and how it can be corrected and adjusted.

Kabbalistic prayer books are a whole system of human interaction within himself, with the world, and the Creator, which is inside him. This is very serious instruction and very serious work.

Question: What if you just read what they wrote as is traditionally accepted on holidays without understanding it? Does it have any effect?

Answer: The fact is that there is an ordinary prayer book and there is a Kabbalistic one. A Kabbalistic prayer book will be understood only by a Kabbalist, and only starting from a certain level. An ordinary prayer book can be understood by anyone who knows this language.

Remark: But the usual prayer book was also written by Kabbalists.

My Comment: Yes, but the Kabbalistic prayer book deals with the interaction of forces and the human being. In an ordinary prayer book, this is conveyed in a language understandable to everyone.

Question: So can prayer be divided into two parts? Is one of them my inner prayer that now I really am lacking in relation to the state I want to come to, what pains me right now?

Answer: Yes. There is also a prayer that the Kabbalists wrote. If I read it, it will be like an instruction of spiritual elevation for me. Although I don’t yet feel such states, it nevertheless raises me, helps me.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 12/17/18

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