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My Thoughts On Twitter 9/4/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

I go to work, care for my family, think about crossing the street safely, but at the same time I want to feel how each situation is sent to me by the Creator at every moment.
This means not thinking about myself because I think that the Creator does everything, and not that I arrange anything myself.

If I don’t think of myself, I can think of the Creator. There cannot be two masters in the world: it’s either me or Him. I worry not about myself, but only about how not to disconnect from the thought that the Creator shapes me at every moment, realizing the purpose of creation.

I should sense myself in prayer where I ask nothing for myself but only for the ten. If I pray for the good of the ten, for the unity of friends so they become like the Creator and He is revealed in them, then I am called an emissary of the society and I reach genuine prayer.

We must ask the Creator for strength to ascend to the spiritual world. Not the strength to do so on our own, but for the Creator to arrange it Himself.
We raise a prayer together, from our connection, from the feeling of helplessness, for what we desire but cannot achieve.
We ask the Creator to correct us and shape us in likeness to Himself.

Prayer is when we, as a ten, raise a request to the Creator that is heard in the ten’s Keter from its Malchut. The Creator, who is in the ten’s Keter, hears this plea, feels this deficiency. We thus awaken the Upper Force.
The answer to our prayer is received from above: the Upper Light that awakens us.

When we awaken the power of the Creator, the force of unity and bestowal, it is victorious. We perceive all the “enemies” that work against us as the Creator’s forces, which He sends against us in order for us to rise above them and become wiser and stronger.

– What guarantee do we have that unity, based on Kabbalah’s method, will not turn into a negative force as it did with Nazism or fascism?
– In Kabbalah this cannot happen because this method is based on every person and the whole group working together to annul egoism.

When we achieve success, we do not sense pride or that we are better than others; on the contrary, we understand that we have to serve them. The method of #Kabbalah is completely opposite to Nazism and will never result in feelings of pride or superiority.
From Twitter, 9/4/19

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An Opportunity To Ask The Creator For Help

laitman_962.7The wisdom of Kabbalah differs from simple popular blind faith in that it speaks of working during descents, distancing and rejections from the Creator through all kinds of events in our life. We seem to be ready to say that “There is none else besides Him.” After all, it is right and good that there is just one force that creates everything and controls everything. However, we forget about this as soon as we feel rejection from this force, when we receive all kinds of problems that are supposedly unfair.

In addition, it turns out that they were planned by the Creator for each of us in advance, even from the beginning of creation, because everything is predetermined until the end of correction. Therefore, our life is a film that we need to add 620 times more to through our efforts and precisely during the time of distancing.

The main work is during the descent. The Creator burdens our path by sending all sorts of troubles, problems, and concealments, placing barriers before us. But we know how to overcome all this, and not for the sake of winning like heroes jumping over all the obstacles. Overcoming means relating all the disturbances and burdening of the heart to the Creator and not asking to cancel them. Disturbances are those degrees that we must climb.

Every time a desire to receive grows, a problem appears as an invitation from the Creator to ascend and determine His uniqueness on the higher degree. Therefore, we live from problem to problem, from disappointment to disappointment, from fear to awe. But it is in this that we must see the benevolence of the Creator, who does not leave us, moving us forward.

This happens to all the people of Israel in general and to every single person advancing to one’s completely corrected state. It is during the descents that we have the opportunity to ask the Creator for help. It turns out that descents are states when the Creator invites a person to come closer precisely through overcoming confusions and disturbances intended to separate us from the Creator. If despite all the disturbances we declare that they come from the Creator in order for us to ask Him for help to rise above the disturbances toward even greater adhesion, then the disturbances turn into means for connection, into this glue with which we adhere to the Creator.

It turns out that disturbances were help, leading to a request in response to which a person received from the Creator the force of bestowal, faith above reason, above disturbances. Thus, one advanced. Therefore, our work consists of being joyful for the disturbances as an opportunity to ask the Creator to bring us closer to Him.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/24/19, “There is None Else Besides Him”
1 Minute 2:10

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Back To School And Bullying

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 9/4/19

Bullying in the classroom begins outside the school walls.

As the school year opened, the sore wound of the bullying phenomenon opened along with it. Yes, it happens everywhere and many children live in social isolation and suffer from bullying and insults for months or years. They will carry the internal scars with them for many years into their future. Parents, if they even know what is going on, are helpless in the face of a system that often silences the issue in order to maintain a good reputation.

It is true that bullying has always existed, even when I was a child, but in our day and age, the phenomenon has become extremely worrying. The endless harassment breaks through the classroom walls and haunts the bullied child all the way from classroom to his mobile device, so there is nowhere to escape and find some peace and comfort.

It typically starts from a single child, the leader of the attack; a child who likes to control everyone and who is considered popular among his peers. Why is he doing this? Because he enjoys the satisfaction of being above someone else, so he degrades another child and organizes the whole class against him. However, that child is following his own internal urges as well as the examples he is absorbing from all directions, whether it’s reality shows, YouTube videos, or the adults he is looking up to.

Since our lives have become so filled with power games of pride and control, we shouldn’t wonder why kids are behaving the same way nowadays. We did not form a good enough environment for them, we did not pay enough attention, or provide the right education so as to nurture healthy, positive connections between them, and now the bitter results are coming back to bite us – mainly in the form of bullying.

So how can we deal with all this bullying? First of all, talk to the leader and explain what a terrible injustice he is doing to others and to himself. Equally important is to talk to those who follow the leader so that they do stop give power and fuel to the “leader.” We have to organize the power of many to counter the power of that leader. Why? Because young children instinctively understand what is “good for me or bad for me,” and a child who tries to initiate an attack and sees that it is not going well or even working to his detriment, will stop trying of his own accord.

With older children you can chat. You can show them how they, too, could remain on their own if they continue down this road of bullying. So if they have a desire to attract others around them, they should be positive leaders that everyone wants to follow and imitate.

But instead of finding ourselves looking for ways to combat bullying at school, it’s much better to treat the disease at the root before it spreads by building a healthy social environment for children from an early age. To make positive social relationships the center of attention in our educational programs, rather than individualistic success. And the sooner we do it, the less bullying we will see.

“Will The Amazon Fires Have A Significant Effect On Climate Change?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Will the Amazon fires have a significant effect on climate change?

The Amazon fires won’t have a significant effect on climate change. In order to understand whether nature will act toward us positively or negatively heading into the future, we need to understand how we influence nature, and how nature reacts to our influence.

Contrary to the opinion that we influence nature through our external actions on nature itself, such as the waste and pollution we inflict upon our environment, according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, such actions are not the ones that lead to all kinds of natural disasters and crises.

What leads to natural disasters and crises is solely at the human level, in our connections. At the level of our thoughts, attitudes and behaviors toward each other, we cause ripples throughout human society and nature, and nature reacts to us according to how we relate to each other.

If we relate positively to each other, aiming to positively connect with each other, then we will experience positive reactions from nature. If we relate negatively to each other, aiming to harm and exploit each other for personal benefit, then we will experience negative reactions from nature. This is what we currently experience.

Nature is organized according to four levels: still, vegetative, animate and human.

If we delay our correction in establishing positive connections among us, starting from not harming each other to endlessly improving our connections, then we will experience more and more negative effects upon us from nature.

For instance:

  • If we fail to correct our relations at the still level, which for the time being can be interpreted as not working on the hatred toward others that surfaces in us, there will be disruptions in nature at the still level, such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
  • Likewise, if we fail to correct our relations at the vegetative level, which can be interpreted as failing to stop ourselves from harming others, then there will be problems at the vegetative level, such as fires.
  • If we fail to correct ourselves at the animal level, i.e. allowing ourselves to slip into wars and conflicts, then we will find problems on the animal level, such as extinctions of certain species, as well as the resurfacing of past diseases and new diseases.
  • Nature’s positive or negative reaction to us in the future depends on how much we activate our human ability, i.e., our ability to connect to each other above our divisive egoistic drives.

Accordingly, when we see the complete system of a person as a small world and the world as our encasing environment, then we will see the level of integration that we humans need to have with the world: that our attitudes to each other need to undergo an upgrade: to become considerate and positively connected as a replacement for the currently antagonistic egoism that’s growing within us and increasingly dividing us.

Then, according to the integration of the still, vegetative, animate and human levels within us, between us, with the environment and with nature’s complete system that envelops us, we will experience either harmony if we realize positive human connections, or crises and blows if we don’t.

Slave Of The Creator

laitman_278.03Question: There is such a concept, being a “slave of the Creator.” But the quality of the Creator is a quality of bestowal and love. If you are in it, is it a free state or not?

Answer: Free, of course.

Question: Why then is it called “slave”?

Answer: Because you chose this state for yourself. You, yourself have chosen it.
From Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 5/12/19

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New Life 1140 – Finding Purpose In A New Approach To Life

New Life 1140 – Finding Purpose In A New Approach To Life
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Today, we are transitioning from focusing on our professions and making money to discovering a new life on a higher spiritual level. We are dissatisfied and are demanding to know the purpose of life. When we ask this question, nature comes to our aid and directs us toward our true destiny, which is to build an integral system of mutual, human bestowal. We are built by the force of reception and must learn to connect above the human ego and discover the power of balance in the system by studying the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1140 – Finding Purpose In A New Approach To Life,” 8/11/19

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 9/4/19

Lesson on the Topic “The Work in Concealment” (Preparation for Convention in Moldova)

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