My Thoughts On Twitter 9/3/19

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“Israel”—aiming “straight toward the Creator” (Yashar Kel). If we connect among ourselves, and are able to bestow to the Creator out of this unity, we will bring Light into the world that will unite us and raise us onto a spiritual degree of bestowal.
We will feel ourselves in a different dimension, different relations, the future world.

We see that the signs of evil are manifesting all over the world in a broad, deep, escalating manner. We must do our job and bring Israel and the nations of the world to unity. The main thing is to achieve unity within #Israel, we must be first to realize unity.

When the force of bestowal is generated in the group, and the Creator’s force of bestowal will become harmonious, equal even in a small measure, in 1%, the Creator will immediately become revealed in it, as it is said: “The Creator dwells among His people.”
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If 2,000 year old writings of the Kabbalists are coming true, other prophecies will come true also: a group will emerge so strong in its unity that it will be able to reveal the Creator according to the similarity of form with the Upper force. The group will unite as one and reveal within itself the quality of the Creator, who is one.
From Twitter, 9/3/19

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