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A light pinch is enough to snap back—the “pinch of the devil.” First I cry out: “Oh” from the feeling of disturbance, and the second “Oh”—from the realization that this is not a disturbance, rather the Creator is drawing me closer to Him. All in one go.
The only answer to every obstacle is to cling to the Creator more.

There is no righteous person that never sinned. We keep falling, always unprepared for a disturbance, for it is new every time, a new Reshimo is revealed from the breakage. So we have to fall, but the very next moment we must return to the correct perception.
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If I ask the Creator to help me cling to Him with a force greater than disturbance, and stick to the ceiling along with this obstacle, then I gain faith above knowledge, the power of adhesion which is stronger than the disturbance felt inside knowledge.
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I want to cling to the Creator along with the disturbances He sends me. My devotion to Him is measured by the strength of my adhesion to Him. Like the 5 kg weight that I want to stick to the ceiling needs glue that can hold at least 5 kg plus some more to be safe.

In corporeal life I have to fight and defend against disturbances. In the internal work though, I accept it and am as grateful for the bad as for the good. Such disturbances bring us corrections. The main thing is to launch a war against them in order to ask for the adhesion with the Creator above them.

If a person is creating an obstacle for me, I have to accept it as “help from the opposite.” It shows me where I am still disconnected from the Creator. I come closer to the Creator because of this obstacle, I couldn’t advance without it, thus I wish this person all the best.

From #Berlin I went to Czech’s capital, Prague. Here I was met by my students who came from all over the country. The small room was crowded. There were many questions. There was a great desire to connect with our hearts. I was so happy to see these sparks of life in decaying #Europe.

From Mumbai to #Berlin.
The gap between the third world country and the developed western world is huge.
The differences tell us that there is enough supply in the world, we have no shortage of anything: not in finance, nor in food or clothes—only in good relations between people.
From Twitter, 8/30/19

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