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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Working on adhesion with the Creator is only possible in a ten. In the old times, on previous levels of development, this was not so, there were other ways to achieve adhesion with the Creator. But in our time—this is the only way.

All work before joining the group is a preparation for the real work. When I start getting involved in it, it is as if a progress bar begins to scroll showing the percentage of the downloaded program. To the extent of my inclusion in the group, a space is formed for the thought of Creation to enter and fulfill me.

– Are the efforts to adhere to the Creator individual or work in the ten?
– All individual work is to be included in the ten. Although you may need a lifetime to do that, even more than one. There is no choice, we have to work on our unity to be in sync with the nature of the world, or it will erase us from the globe.

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The Upper force fills us, reformatting us, like a progress bar on a computer that shows the percentage of the upload as it reaches 100%. The thought of Creation also affects us, penetrating us according to our efforts. Meaning, we become filled with the Creator and adhere to Him

The Creator’s thought will reformat and organize us so that in everything inside us, in all “620” parts, our desires, we will begin to feel the Upper force acting in us.
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This thought penetrates us, like a program downloaded to a computer, at our own request and demand. The Creator formed an idea, we are a part of it and become involved in it. In addition, He gave us the opportunity to reformat ourselves in the likeness of this thought, and by doing so become included in the Creator.

As in this world, when we get closer to someone, we gradually begin to acquire their tastes and habits, so do we, wishing to connect with the thought of Creation, will begin to take on the form of the Creator, adopt His thought making it our own. Thus we’ll reach adhesion with Him

The more effort we put into attaining the thought of Creation, the more we develop, change our form, and advance along the axes of time. We will undergo various changes and will realize that we are beginning to take His form.

I affirm that, in reality, there is none else besides Him, and that I too am included in this concept. I don’t want to bring any changes into reality, I only want to attain the Creator, unite with the thought of creation. This means to adhere to the Creator.
From Twitter, 8/28/19

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Friends, I Need You

laitman_962.1Choice is the most important thing in our life. We constantly choose, weigh, and compare one thing with another either consciously or subconsciously, changing our approach, our system of evaluation, views, and priorities. Our entire life is the choice of the best option according to some criteria determined by what is more important to us now. We are constantly checking what we have to lose as a result of our choice and how much we will gain because of it.

It is possible that the solution we chose is not very pleasant, but it is so important that we must go for it. All our life we work like the most complex computer that processes a lot of data in order to make the correct calculation. Of course, each of us would like to make the right choice that allows us to confidently determine the best situation that wins by all the indicators and avoid the worst situations without any shadow of a doubt, not choosing one at the expense of the other and regretting the missed opportunities.

Only faith allows making such a choice, the feeling of the force of bestowal and love, which is something beyond our will to receive. The problem, however, is that we do not feel this force of bestowal, so how can we acquire such faith called “the staff”? Even if we acquire it, at the next degree, the faith already crosses into the egoistic sphere and becomes “the serpent.”

I must overcome this growing egoism and then I will come to faith again, already at a new degree. Each time the force of holiness crosses over into the egoism and so I rise all the time as if walking on two legs, right and left. The left line grows only if I have raised the right one correctly.

We should always lean on the “staff” and not on the “serpent,” that is, on faith, on something that seems low and unimportant to our egoism, and lift it upward. This is the entire work of a person: the staff constantly falls and we must lift it. If this were not happening, we would not be able to advance and get closer to the Creator. Every time I lift the staff, the faith, I take another little step forward.

As soon as I leave this staff, it immediately falls and turns into a serpent. It is help from above that the staff falls; otherwise, I would not be able to advance. If I lean on my knowledge, that is, make an egoistic choice, then I do not have any difficulty.

The staff is what directs me to the Creator. If I hold it up, as the most important thing, then step by step I get closer to the quality of bestowal, degree by degree. The environment is the staff if it is more important to me than myself. Then through the environment, I rise toward the Creator. Therefore, this degree is called Moses because it pulls (Moshech) the people.1

The light is only revealed if there is a barrier before it. It would seem that outer space should be the brightest because nothing obscures the light there. However, precisely because there is no barrier for the light, it cannot be seen. The cosmos is absolutely black. However, if we put a screen before the rays of the Sun, then you will see that there is light.

All we are missing is the screen! Light cannot shine if there are no barriers on its path. Therefore, if we want the light to be revealed in us, we should make a screen for it. One person cannot become a screen for the light. However, if we unite in the ten, above our egoism, despite the fact that each of us is full of pride and does not want connection with others, we raise the importance of connection and even higher than that, the importance of the Creator whom we want to reveal.

We want to feel the Creator inside of our internal unity as real as we feel each other now. Together, we make such a sandwich: our will to receive is at the bottom and unity, the screen, our readiness to connect despite our egoism, is on the top. Then the upper light is revealed on this screen and becomes visible to us.

One person cannot build such a screen out of his personal egoism; this is possible only by connecting with the friends.2

To help a friend means raising the importance of spirituality, the importance of connection, giving him the “staff.” Nobody can do it by himself. If one can do it by oneself, it is not real spiritual work but only preparation for it.

Every time this work becomes more and more difficult; after all, now I trip over the “staff” that I lifted the time before. The left line rises higher and higher at the expense of the right one, at the expense of my past successes. I must start everything anew as if in a new place, in a new country, in a new language, with a new understanding and new perception. This is a new degree! Every day a person is as if born again.

It is impossible to do this alone. It is a huge mistake to think that by shutting myself inside, in my personal inner work, it is possible to do deeper, more intimate clarifications. This is nonsense! It takes many years for a person to understand that in this way he is just spinning in the same place, like a puppy chasing his tail.

Only by incorporating each time in the group, even if it consists of beginners, we will be rising to increasingly elevated states. Even if the friends are below you, by incorporating in them, you ascend to the next degree. It is only possible to lift the “staff” with the help of friends, all together. Friends, I need you! Help me!3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/17/19, Baal HaSulam, Shamati 59, “Concerning the Rod and the Serpent”
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2 Minute 24:10
3 Minute 42:00

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In The Cage Of Your Egoism

Laitman_115.05Question: A man, unlike an animal, can see some kind of pleasure in the future, calculate the steps and get to it, giving up on enjoyment at the intermediate stages.

Why, with such a huge intellect, can’t he rationally calculate the state of equilibrium with nature? Why do all his rational attempts to build a balanced society constantly fail?

Answer: Because he is inside his egoistic nature. He cannot calculate anything.

Comparing one egoism relative to another, in what he wins or loses more, he still finds himself inside his egoism. He is not free. He does not have the second degree of freedom. What he considers freedom is the illusion of staying under the influence of an external coercive force.

Question: Can’t he calculate: “If I use my egoism, I will feel bad?”

Answer: This is how we always try to get away from troubles. But this does not mean that we are free. I am constantly running away from egoistic blows: a stick from here, a stick from there, and this is how I tumble around from morning to evening.

Look what is happening on the streets, in buses, in the subway, in offices, everywhere. Look at all this human anthill! Where can we talk about freedom?

There is no freedom. It is possible to choose, at any given moment, at the most, as it seems to me, comfortable state of all possibilities. That is all.

I choose from what is given to me, but I am always limited. The Creator shines upon me through the corrected state, but I am not yet corrected. Naturally, I do not understand His influence on me at all. Where is he driving me? What does He want from me at every moment? If I do not know this, then what kind of freedom of will can there be?
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/12/19

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New Life 1134 – Natural Anarchism

New Life 1134 – Natural Anarchism
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

Every creature is an egoist by nature and does not want to be restricted. The desire to be the king of the world is only realizable if each person finds his unique place in the global system that benefits everyone. To be truly free, humankind must discover the network of natural forces and its ultimate laws. When everyone cares for the good of everyone, we will all feel like the king of the world and transcend all restrictions.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1134 – Natural Anarchism,” 7/9/19

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