Is There Freedom Of Choice Between Good And Evil?

laitman_961Question: Is a person initially good or evil? After all, depending on this, all the systems of governance and the systems of the state are built. What does Kabbalah say about it?

Answer: A person is a creature who can harm anyone, even those closest to him, for the sake of his own fulfillment. This is his nature.

Questions: So is there freedom in this? Can he use his nature or not use it? After all, we see that not all people are evil.

Answer: This is another question: “Can I rise above my nature?”

Question: To be kind is a free choice? Do I choose to be a good person?

Answer: A person chooses nothing. These questions are in a very narrow framework, as if we ask a prisoner: “Are you free or are you in prison?” If he was born in prison and has never left it, he would say that this is life. He does not even know what freedom or prison are.

Question: That is, the science of Kabbalah begins with the fact that a person suddenly has a question: “Am I not free? Am I in prison?” This moment begins his search for the meaning of life. Does it mean that before that he should not be touched?

Answer: He should not be touched at all. Only people who want this come to us. And those who are not interested do not come. We have nothing to do with them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/2/17

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