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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Choice is the most important thing in our life. We are making choices non-stop, comparing, consciously or unconsciously, and changing our approach. Our entire life is a choice of the best option as per the new criteria, determined by what is most important right now.

When the importance of spirituality falls in my eyes, it’s as if the staff falls out of my hands and turns into a serpent. But these two states are connected: we cannot rise up without descending down. “The Creator made one against the other.” The staff holds me up high, and the serpent pulls me down. I choose…

If spirituality falls in my eyes, and I elevate it, it means I am walking with the staff. The nature of the staff is such that it constantly falls, and I have to lift it up every time. That’s how I lead the ten, and it holds me. (Aron Noseh Nosav).
The staff falls, I lift it and thus walk towards the goal.

Our work lies in annulling ourselves to zero, so there will be no one besides the Creator. From that zero, we must lower ourselves till negative infinity, so all the work will be done not by us, but by the Creator per our request. Thus from 100% egoism we descend to minus 100%, in which the Creator is revealed.

We have to work with our will to enjoy for the sake of bestowal, meaning, use our egoism to the fullest. By doing our work, we grow our egoism 620-fold and attain a corrected desire that’s 620 times greater than the original one.

The next egoistic degree comes from the light, which I drew for the sake of bestowal, and then fell and wished to have it for myself. This is the staff and the serpent: the importance of bestowal falls, I must raise it higher and higher.
I thus attain a desire that’s 620 times greater by virtue of egoism’s expansion by the light.

We lower our egoism, but it grows even more each time. The light that enters fans our ego on the following degree. As a result of our efforts, light enters us for the sake of bestowal, but we fall and wish to receive for our own sake. That’s how light raises egoism to the light’s degree.

Spiritual movement happens by revealing an empty space—desire and filling it with the quality of bestowal—the Creator. So it has two polar states: sin, egoism, and its filling by bestowal. Revelation of evil is necessary and mandatory at the beginning of every new spiritual state
From Twitter, 8/19/19

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The Torah Of Israel: Unification

laitman_567.04Baal HaSulam writes in the article “The Messiah’s Shofar”: We have accepted that there is a precondition for the redemption—that all the nations of the world will acknowledge Israel’s law, as it is written, “and the land shall be full of the knowledge,” as in the example of the exodus from Egypt, where there was a precondition that Pharaoh, too, would acknowledge the true God and His laws, and would allow them to leave.

The Pharaoh himself opened the door for the exodus from Egypt, with intention for his own sake, and allowed people, especially the people of Israel, to exit egoism, the Egyptian slavery. Pharaoh did it himself; he is the opposite of the Creator himself, he is His reverse side. In the same way, we must spread the wisdom of Kabbalah as a prerequisite to redemption so that all nations will learn about the teachings of Israel and the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Creator.

Even Pharaoh is obliged to recognize the true Creator and His commandments, that is, the need to act not on the orders of Pharaoh for his own sake, but for the sake of bestowal, and allow the person to leave. This means that a person understands that this is right and true, there is no choice, and he must change. This understanding should unfold throughout the world as a result of the dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Now the situation is exactly the opposite: anti-Semitism is growing, the people of the world want to eliminate the state of Israel. They have to be brought to the wisdom of Kabbalah until all nations hear and recognize that the wisdom of the Creator is in the midst of Israel. This is our task, otherwise we will not be able to advance. Our task is to begin this work and the upper force will finish it.

That was the condition for redemption from all their exiles and especially this one, the last one. The situation is developing at a catastrophic rate, becoming more and more threatening. We cannot escape from our mission, the Creator will force us to fulfill it by all means. After all, it is a law that the wisdom of Kabbalah must spread throughout the world so that all the people understand the method of correction. At least they should know that the people of Israel have a method to get rid of all problems and troubles in the corporeal world.

Every day the situation in the world pushes us to this more and more. It is already clearly felt that the upper force acts upon us and creates conditions that are illogical from the point of view of earthly representations. The closer the spiritual forces and laws approach our world, the more extreme the conditions become, the reality of which is simply impossible to believe.1

We are now in a transitional state between exile and liberation when it is so crucial to spread the wisdom of Kabbalah in the world and especially to the people of Israel. We came out of exile, but did not achieve redemption: we were just given this opportunity and this is the time to prepare for it. Therefore, we need to spread the wisdom of Kabbalah to the people of Israel through all possible channels. We cannot miss this moment.

People must understand that it is impossible to achieve the correction of the world by any other means except, first of all, through the unification of the people of Israel from which this unity will spread to the whole world. The world needs it more and more every day.

Unification is the Torah of Israel. The exit from the desire to enjoy for one’s own sake, that is, from mutual hatred, is called redemption.2
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/27/19, The Importance of Disseminating the Wisdom of Kabbalah to the World
1 Minute 1:30
2 Minute 8:50

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Using the Power of the Keyboard for Good

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 8/17/19

“Which Side Is Right In The Israel-Palestine Conflict?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Which side is right in the Israel-Palestine conflict?

No side is correct because no side knows the truth. The question is: what is the truth?

The people of Israel alone determine the attitude that the nations of the world have toward them. The nations of the world have no free choice in how they perceive Israel. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, Israel are people with free choice, because it was the people of Israel who were granted the ability to rise above the egoistic human nature—the desire to enjoy at the expense of others—that runs on autopilot within each and every person. If the people of Israel make the choice to rise above the divisive egoistic drives and unite, then an abundance of goodness will flow out to the world through them. Likewise, if the people of Israel fail in making that choice, letting egoism continue to grow unabated, then no agreements will help them: it will be bad for them and for the world.

Free choice is the choice to connect among each other and by doing so, reveal the upper force—the force of connection and love—here in this world. If we fail to make that choice, then the negative side of the force of connection and love—division and hatred due to egoistic desires growing without any effective regulation—will ripple out to all humanity in depth and width. This is the root of any positive or negative attitude toward Israel from the nations of the world.

Today, since the people of Israel are not making any effort to realize their unifying role in the world, then anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli sentiment—including denial of the State of Israel—grows in order to pressure the people of Israel to fulfill their duty in the world.

Therefore, Palestinians are not responsible for the way they think and behave toward Israel. The law of nature draws humanity to connection at the peak of its development, and those who resist and deny Israel act according to their function within this system, which is to pressure the people of Israel to exercise their free choice. I thus see in Israel’s haters simply the force of nature, which reveals itself to us in such a way. The people of Israel, however, have free choice, i.e. the ability to change themselves, as they have been given a method of the world’s correction. So who’s to blame? I can’t say that Palestinians or anyone in the world are to blame for any of their hatred toward Israel, since no one in the world other than the people of Israel have free choice. There is a statement in the wisdom of Kabbalah about this: “the heads of ministers are in the hands of God.” That is, those in ruling positions around the world have no free choice in how they think and act, since the demands of the system of nature operate on them in order for them to carry out what needs to unfold in nature.

i24 English News Channel

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 8/15/19

It was a pleasure having the i24NEWS English crew here today at our headquarters in Petah Tikva. They interviewed me about the uniqueness of Bnei Baruch, how we teach Kabbalah, and why it’s becoming so popular in our time. I explained the difference between authentic Kabbalah, and other teachings. We talked about how our organization welcomes individuals of all colors, genders and nationalities, from all over the world.

Evolution Of Desires, Part 6

laitman_263The Egocentric Orientation of Desires

Question: Do all desires have an egocentric orientation?

Answer: Absolutely! I do everything just for the sake of my beloved self. Even if I do something as if for the sake of someone else, it is only because he or she is dear and important to me.

Question: So our desires have a certain intention, which is aimed at filling these desires in a person? The program of our desires, as the Kabbalists say, is maximal pleasure with minimal effort.

Answer: This is a law of nature. In other words, optimization is when I want to enjoy as much as possible with a minimal cost, and so on at every level.

See how we sit, how we do something. Any movement, mental or physical, no matter what we think or do, is carried out in such a way that brings us maximum benefit, enjoyment, and fulfillment. Maybe, at the same time, we spend a huge amount of energy, for example, as when playing football, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that I always try to optimize my efforts for my benefit.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 12/3/18

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New Life 271 – The Strong And The Weak In Society

New Life 271 – The Strong And The Weak In Society
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

The time has come for the poor or weak in society to connect and become an example for the rich elites. Life as we know it is about to stop because of the egoistic relationships between people. The weak have become superfluous since we now have robots to do all the work. The elites want a public with purchasing power, but in Europe many of the young are unemployed. When the poor connect together with mutual support, they will solve all of life’s problems and will reveal a higher power of unification. Life will be perfect since everyone will be equal and will feel a warm social connection.
From KabTV’s “New Life 271 – The Strong And The Weak In Society,” 12/19/13

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