Evolution Of Desires, Part 3

laitman_212Doubly Devastated

Remark: In our desires, filling is felt only for a short time, and then disappears. This is most problematic.

My Comment: The fulfillment does not disappear, but is simply suppressed by other desires because they change in us all the time.

Since we have a huge number of desires, they are in a certain relationship with each other, and their constant correlation does not give us rest.

Therefore, we forget the past and are already thinking about the future. The impression disappears. Although we wish to return to it, we are no longer able to.

Question: That is, the filling is not static?

Answer: No! Filling exists in desire. Desires change and always overflow from one to another in all kinds of combinations. After all, a person has a huge number of desires. Therefore, we constantly feel changes in ourselves.

Question: Why, when the filling disappears, do we feel doubly empty?

Answer: If there were no filling, we would feel ourselves in its absence. Since the filling has already been and is gone, then we feel the absence of filling and the absence of this place as filling, meaning doubly empty.

Suppose if now I am at level zero, feeling a certain lack of it, emptiness, and then I am given filling, say, two million, and then this filling disappears, then I feel the lack of filling for two million plus what I had, meaning what I have lost. I do not just feel zero, but I feel “minus two million.”
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 12/3/18

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