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We arrived in India with the delegation. The climate here is milder than in Israel. People live a very simple life, but I feel that they are changing quickly. Today I met with the Jewish community. Many interesting meetings are planned ahead.
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The topic “There is none else besides Him”—is the most important and is perceived in a new way every time, there is never a repetition, because we ourselves change constantly. If one doesn’t feel any difference, he should be concerned.
From Twitter, 8/23/19

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 3/31/19

laitman_961.2Question: Is it possible to accelerate the attainment of the upper world, not waiting 20 years, but instead getting out earlier in the Light?

Answer: Certainly; it can even happen today! It is only up to you, your ability to relate to the world, to the Creator correctly.

Question: How can I understand that I am on the path that is leading to the Creator?

Answer: It is only according to the degree of unity with your friends.

Question: Why do particular people who are involved with the wisdom of Kabbalah nonetheless suffer in the physical world like ordinary people? Could it be that they feel otherwise?

Answer: No. Why shouldn’t they suffer? If a person who began to study the wisdom of Kabbalah were to stop suffering immediately and some money was transferred into his bank account, he would happily be involved in spiritual work, but it would no longer be spiritual work.

Question: Is it possible to ask for additional materialistic egoism if one doesn’t have a desire to raise a family or work?

Answer: No. Why should you ask for additional materialistic egoism? It is possible to ask for additional spiritual characteristics. You must only strive to go forward.

Question: If all the possibilities in the world are found within me, does it follow that everything only depends on me?

Answer: Certainly; everything depends only on you. The Creator does everything, but only according to the instructions of a person so there cannot be any claims against the Creator. You will get what you ask for.

Question: What is the mechanism that helps you determine the amount of information that you give?

Answer: I generally feel what information is necessary for my students. Moreover, this is also a shared level, the general background. What I mean is, that if today you suddenly came to class and found yourself in this group, I would not refer to you, but to those people who are found here no less than two years. For me, they are the consumers.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 3/31/19

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Try And See How Beautiful The Upper World Is

Laitman_183.04Question from Facebook: You talk about spiritual work, but how do we know that the changed values will be better than the previous ones?

Answer: The fact is that all the values we have today are built on the insignificance of our sensations, the insignificance of our world, on the fact that we run away from problems all the time, and we struggle with various difficulties.

In a different state, at the next level of perception of reality, there is a completely different existence—in plus, not in minus. Therefore, the values there are in bestowal, in love, and in fulfillment. In our world, everything is the other way around.

The Book of Zohar says: “Try and see how beautiful the upper world is.”
From KabTV’s: “Answers to Questions on Facebook,” 3/10/19

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Evolution Of Desires, Part 10

laitman_423.03What Determines Intentions?

Question: Society controls our desires. It determines with what they will be filled. Can only the upper force change intentions?

Answer: Intentions are also determined by society. But if a person wishes to change his or her intentions contrary to the society in which one is located, meaning that the person does not want to remain in it, but wants to rise above it, then one has practically no opportunity.

Therefore, either one must go beyond the boundaries of this society, physically remove oneself from its influence, or attract the influence of another, upper power upon oneself. Then one can change oneself. Otherwise a person will fail.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 12/3/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 8/23/19

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