Evolution Of Desires, Part 7

Laitman_024What Is Intention?

Question: What is intention and how is it related to desire?

Answer: Intention determines desire. If the intention is directly related to desire, then this is the most primitive kind of desire. If I cannot directly realize the desire, then I develop a whole program of its implementation in myself. The program of the realization of the desire is called intention.

Suppose I want to achieve some kind of goal. But for this I need to take a certain path, certain actions, to attract people to it, to do something myself. All this is invested in my intentions to achieve the ultimate goal. In fact, these intentions are also actions, but with respect to the ultimate goal, they are intentions.

Intention is the ultimate goal, which is present in all my intermediate actions.

Question: So a person has a desire, an intention, and a brain that processes information in order to serve these desires?

Answer: Yes. The brain controls the so-called heart—desires. It concentrates them, interconnects them in various combinations in order to achieve the final goal.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah”, 12/03/18

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  1. Kavanah is source of purpose. I understand that. How do we make our kavanah/desires materialize when doors keep closing? Does that mean anything? How does one connect to her mazal? How do we get malhut into motion under those circumstances?

  2. Some epigenetic guru like Dr B Lipton explains that “.. all desires, intentions, goals originates from heart, and brain, after receiving them, processes the information and initiates actions ..”
    How would you comment on this statement?

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