Evolution Of Desires, Part 4

laitman_423.03Society Dictates Desires

Question: Our desires are controlled by society. Why is it set up this way?

Answer: Our desires are defined by the desires of the society because we exist in interaction with it, in constant interconnection with all the desires within the society: personal, private, global, no matter what. Therefore, my desire is defined by the society surrounding me.

Question: Does it mean that the society controls our desires?

Answer: It does not merely control them, it defines them! It points me: this one—yes, this one— no, to what degree, etc. Everything depends on the environment in which I exist.

A desire at the human level can change its location and fall under various social influences. According to this, it will also change the desires.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah” 12/3/18

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