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It’s very easy to “see” the Creator: “dissolve” your sensations in the group, “leave yourself,” acquire the group’s general sensation and attitude to the world—and in it you will feel the Creator!
And it’s so in any group, without delving into it, but using it to “dissolve yourself in it”—you can attain revelation.

From Twitter, 8/4/19

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“Unity As A Panacea, But What Unity Are We Talking About?” (The Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “Unity as a Panacea, But What Unity Are We Talking About?

The deep divisions within Israel, America, and basically every society in the world are the subject of in-depth study in both academia and the media, but the most effective way to repair the breakage is itself also a source of intense dispute. This dispute is one which I will clarify. As a Kabbalist and researcher I publish in dozens of different publications on social networks on a daily basis. My message is constant: unity is the solution to all problems. Egoistic human nature divides and distances us from one another and is the root cause of all problems and predicaments we experience every day.

One of the recurring questions that is sent to me asks what unity am I talking about? What connection do I call for? Is it for the reunification of the souls? Is it unification between men and women, or political and/or religious alliances?

My answer is simple, set, and it derives from the ancient sources of the wisdom of Kabbalah. The unity I speak about is a unity not meant to fix anyone or change anyone’s perception, mind or heart. All we need to repair is the connection between us, the way we relate to one another. We have to rise above all our myriad opposite attributes, characteristics and viewpoints and unite as one. As our sages rightly wrote: “Love will cover all transgressions.”

Achieving this level of connection is precisely the role of the Jews in the world. We must join between two layers, like the meat between slices of bread in a sandwich: “All transgressions” is the bottom layer, and “will be covered with love” is the top layer. The correct connection between those two layers will make a very tasty meal. Both sweetness and a little bit of salty spice are necessary to balance the flavors when love and hate are revealed. Nothing in life can exist without its opposite, like how the plus requires a minus in physics.

Although the people of Israel should be the first to pave the way to such a “tasty” existence, all humanity, every person on earth, ultimately has the destiny to attain this approach to fulfillment in life. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, Jews are obliged to experience this unity first by learning how to connect above differences, above hatred and rejection. To discover existence “in the middle line” means, on one hand, that you might want to reject the other, while on the other hand, you learn how to embrace the other person in spite of all. On one side, I am right. On the other side, the other person is right. Since everything is in the eye of the beholder, we are all right, and justice lies above us. This is the love that covers everything.

Even further, we must not destroy evil, conceal the differences, or uproot the undergrowth. We need only realize that they are the foundation over which we have to add the good, the spice that gives complex new flavors to the relationship. Therefore, I see no hater or enemy in anyone, but instead full partners in unity.

The way to travel this golden path is taught by the wisdom of Kabbalah. Because the clock is ticking and our troubles are increasing, we must hurry to rise above the egoistic force within us that seeks to draw everything to its own advantage, to rise above the gathering storm clouds into a wide and open dimension, to rise from this world into a spiritual, complete and eternal world. The entire Torah encompasses this: unity and love cover schism and hatred.

What Is The Root Of All Arab And Nazi Hate For Jews? (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What is the root of all Arab and Nazi hate for Jews?

Arab hatred of the Jews comes from Arabs and Jews being quite close to each other, struggling for the same land. However, beneath this surface reason, the deeper cause of the hatred is due to us Jews failing to realize our spiritual role and purpose in the world. This spiritual role is one of uniting (“love your friend as yourself”) in order to spread unity to humanity (to be a “light unto nations”), as we received it around 4,000 years ago in ancient Babylon under Abraham’s guidance. If we were to realize our role, then certainly we would be awarded with a different, positive attitude not only from Arabs, but from everyone in the world.

In relation to Nazi hatred of Jews, in the 1930s, the Nazis tried organizing Jewish emigration to the Land of Israel, as such a physical gathering would have been a major stepping stone toward the realization of the Jewish spiritual role in the world. The Jews, however, objected. As such, they received punishment. The punishment didn’t come from people, since people in our world aren’t running anything. The punishment came from nature, which acts also through the desires, thoughts and behaviors of people. If the Jews had wanted to emigrate to the Land of Israel, as the Nazis strongly recommended them to do over many years, then the outcome would have been very different. Jews, however, refused, and we thus experienced the Holocaust. (I elaborated on the Nazi efforts to move Jews to Israel in the 1930s in my answer to “Were Jews able to escape Nazi Germany in the 1930s as the Nazi party became increasingly aggressive towards them?” and in my article on “Holocaust Remembrance Day.”)

Today, as we discuss these matters, we also see a sharply rising anti-Semitic sentiment showing a tendency toward another Holocaust.

Can One Read Other People’s Thoughts?

laitman_547.05Question: Can a person with a great desire, read the thoughts of other people?

Answer: Reading thoughts is a material thing. I cannot say that it is appreciated, because at the same time you catch the thoughts of other people at the everyday level. But this is possible because the thoughts on our level are material.

You can take a person by the hand and feel his thoughts, as psychics do. But what will that give you, other than tricks? Nothing. Some people have such increased sensitivity, and so they advertise themselves in such a way.

In general, I would not advise doing this, it is a pity to make such an effort. Efforts should be directed conversely, to dissolving in the group and by doing so, revealing the Creator.

Question: Is it possible to influence someone’s thoughts if I have a strong desire?

Answer: Of course. And how! Such things are known to us since the days of the KGB. By the way, they are used by all intelligence services in the world. But why do we need it? As it is at the level of our world, these are purely egoistic, mutual influences on each other.

I would not want you to think about it at all because the influence of thoughts leads to the subordination of each other, that is, to the destruction of the world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 2/3/19

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