Everything Will Be Clarified In The Thought

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have a desire and a thought. If we only had a desire, we would perform everything blindly with no self-control, just like inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature in which the only thought is how to fulfill the desire.

A person who has developed to the inanimate, vegetative, and the animate levels thinks only about how to attain what he wants. There are different types of people: smart, energetic, violent, shy, brave, etc.—but each one wants to fulfill his desires, from a tiny baby to an elderly person who hides his desires. In each one there is the thought of how to fulfill his desire in every possible way.

This is how we develop in feeling and in mind, like a beast, until the point in the heart is revealed in us and begins to ask: What is all this for? Why? From that moment on, real science begins; when I begin to ask about the essence of my desire: What do I need it for?

This isn’t simple. People come to study, they become a group, but years may pass until they begin to ask this question, that is, that they want to know the desires they feel: where they come from? They begin to look for the reason, the root, the source.

Then they understand that the thought was given to them in order to reach the Creator by studying their desires. If I, through thought, correctly perceive the desires, I can reach the source from which they come, will understand who is sending them and why, what he wants from me, and how I should regard Him.

Through the group and even directly, I begin to demand from Him to change my desire: “You gave me such a desire, but I am asking for another desire!” then I will really be able to change it. The thought is given to us so that thanks to it we will be able to know our desires and demand new desires.

The thought exists so that I can check and prove to myself that I can’t do anything with my desires! Even when I seem to overcome, it isn’t that but simply changing one desire for another, which is also egotistic: for respect, for control, and pride. I simply find another desire that beats the first one and change values.

As a result of my thoughts, or under the influence of the environment, I begin to imagine that another desire is more important than the one I just had. And so I decide to change it to another. It is the game of egoism. This way I can change any desire I have.

But I can truly change the desire only with the influence of the environment that will give me other values. Then, as a result of its influence, I will demand from the Creator to change my desires. These desires can already be super-natural for me, meaning against my ego.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/30/11, Writings of Rabash

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  1. Would you say that God is the process of learning? Would you also say that throughout History people in power have concealed knowledge from the masses to manipulate and exploit the masses. Would you agree that the current education system (I am speaking of the US) is intended to destroy imagination and keep us in line?

    It seems to me that critical thinking is necessary in order to attain the true reality. To think critically we should question everything. Including Kabbalah. It is beginning to feel like I am being led…by you or the environment of BB.

    Why does it feel to me like you are not telling us everything? Why do I feel that you are always concealing something? Why do Kabbalists reveal one and cover two? How can I make a rational critical decision if I feel that I don’t have all the information?

    I don’t want to believe…I want to know…I feel we are all just believing you…but are not asking enough questions…and I can’t even arrive at the questions…I don’t know what to ask and I feel like a robot….following orders…from you.

    I don’t want to be another form of a robot…whether it is altruistic or egoistic…I want to know everything and make my own decisions….I feel like you are reprogramming me and I don’t have a choice…egoist or altruist…there is nothing else…no other reality and no choices…and after all I have learned I obviously can’t choose egoism…but what do I know of altruism? Nothing…so where is my free will here? Is there ever free will? Obtaining the mind of the creator…it will be His mind…do I have one of my own? Ever?

    Interesting…I arrived at my question..

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