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By acquiring the intention to bestow, we open up a path for the light to pass through us to others, and the light starts to circulate between us to the extent of the intention, in our unified organism, the Soul. In principle, we do not bestow or receive light. We only open up a path for it with our intentions by being similar to the Creator.

Every person’s aim is to become a transmitter of light. That’s how the world becomes united. Every person will be a pipeline transmitting light. The intention to bestow opens up the path to the light. To this degree, one who transmits is connected to the Creator. The right connection with the light’s filling is called a soul.

A Kabbalist is surrounded by billions of people. He feels light, the Creator, flowing through him. He is a conduit, connecting the Creator to every person, even though they do not feel it. A Kabbalist enjoys being the Creator’s conduit—this is his reward.

The only thing you can do is connect others to the Creator, ask for them, transmit the upper light to them, fulfill them. Therein lies the entire essence of Kabbalah—the wisdom of reception. Therefore the wisdom of Kabbalah is a wisdom about reception. “Kabbalah” is from the word “to receive.” But not for one’s own sake, and that means—to fulfill.
From Twitter, 7/31/19

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