My Thoughts On Twitter 7/26/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Liberal mass media in Israel are filtering information about the world’s hatred of our country. World maps are being redrawn, showing Palestine instead of Israel. The world is becoming increasingly hostile to Israel.
It’s time to realize that this trend won’t be remedied by hiding it, but only by uniting inside the country.

Liberals of all countries are demonstrating that they do not tolerate other opinions, that they hate everyone besides themselves. As a result of humanity’s development toward correction, liberals will become a minority in the world’s leading countries.

The 1st and 2nd Temples were destroyed on the path from above-downwards. But the 3rd Temple has to be built by us from below-upwards. From the destruction of the 1st and 2nd Temples, we have retained broken (egoistic) desires, which have intermixed with each other. Now we just have to ask for their correction.

To elicit the general correction, we must insistently ask to acquire the force of connection between everyone. Along with attempts to unite amongst ourselves. And don’t stop while revealing greater and greater separation and impossibility of connection. Till complete despair! Then the real plea will emerge!

We must reveal the Temple’s destruction and resurrection within us as destruction of the connection between us and its resurrection. Correction lies only in unity. Unity comes from above, as written that the 3rd Temple will descend from above. But only by the force of our plea to unite!

It was a joy meeting my students from the Ethiopian community. I emphasize with their pain from the bottom of my heart. The wound still bleeds and divides Israeli society, but I hope that the street protests will be replaced by dialogue and mutual understanding. After all, we are all one family.

It is through our unity that we build the Third Temple—the unity of all nations. The main thing is to feel the need to unite, for unity comes from above. Collecting all the desires for unity is the making of humanity. It exists in spirituality and must materialize.
From Twitter, 7/26/19

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