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All the defects that we feel elicit their own corrections. Every good phenomenon is always a product of an evil one that preceded it. The correlation between them is not measured by our states, but by their common aim.
Baal HaSulam, “The Peace”

The Creator elicits our attention to Him, and the right reaction lies in the common prayer when we turn to him together. Without seeking to sort out our differences, together we turn to the Force, the Root Cause, from which all of this stems. This is called “prayer of the public.”

Problems are empty space that we want to discover as being filled by the Creator. Thus He presents us with such an opportunity. This means the problem lies in correctly responding to His summons, when He evokes egoism in each of us and friction between us.

“We support the destruction of the State of Israel,” stated British socialist activist Gerry Downing on TV.
“Because it is a racist and genocidal endeavor that cannot be reformed. Israel’s laws are like apartheid South Africa’s laws. A single State of Palestine is the solution.”

-The Creator’s quality is bestowal, love. Is being the Creator’s slave a state of freedom or not?
-When you are in it, of course it is. Because you have chosen this state for yourself. You chose it yourself.

#Humanity became global, but it’s unable to integrate this format with its narrow egoism. This is the cause for degradation of all activity by people and countries, inability to acknowledge and solve problems. After all, global issues cannot be solved in a narrow nationalistic way.
From Twitter, 7/15/19

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Reach The Need For Prayer

laitman_963.1There are people who are used to praying and there are those who have never prayed and are not accustomed to thinking of themselves as dependent on a higher power, on fate. However, for the one who studies the wisdom of Kabbalah, all these differences become insignificant. One no longer relates to prayer as to a habitual action familiar from childhood. The study takes a person through all kinds of states that cleanse one from all previous confusions. Now a person understands that he or she does not have any connection with the Creator and all requests were artificial.

It takes a long time until one begins to feel that nothing will help one advance, understand, feel, and connect with the system of creation. No matter how much effort one invests in the friends, in the study, nothing helps. A person understands with more and more clarity the complete hopelessness of one’s attempts and comes to the only conclusion: “Only if the Creator helps me, will I be able to do something and come out of this state.”

Only the Creator can help me, no one else, not even myself. With the help of all means, I managed to undergo different states, ascents and descents, to experience all kinds of sensations in order to eventually understand that nothing will help me but the Creator. Here I truly reach the need for prayer. If the Creator does not help, then nothing will.

So, what should one do to receive the help of the Creator? How can I convince myself that help will only come from above in order to reach this correct request that the Creator will answer? This is what Kabbalah teaches: how and what to ask and how to prepare myself so that the request will bring the help of the Creator.1

Prayer is work in the heart. The heart determines all desires and the brain only helps to realize them, to prioritize them. Working in the heart means arranging desires such that they will be ready to change.

This is work above reason. If you pray for what you know, then it is a usual egoistic prayer of a person of this world and therefore does not cause any significant changes in you. Any animal prays because prayer is the feeling of lack in all the atoms, molecules, and organs, the whole body. The Creator initially created a deficiency; He Himself is complete, and therefore, He created a created being that feels a deficiency.

True prayer does not come from the deficiencies created in us by the Creator, that is, from the lack of money, health, and other problems that the Creator awakens in each of us. We see that the entire world is suffering from some kind of deficiency because the matter of creation is the will to receive, which lacks fulfillment.

However, by creating such a creature, the Creator wanted a person to ask to be elevated so that he will not remain inside the desire asking for its fulfillment, but to rise to a higher degree, above these deficiencies.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/8/19, Prayer
1 Minute 0:20
2 Minute 11:10

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 2/3/19

laitman_962.2Question: Can a thought of one person change the entire world?

Answer: Unfortunately, no, because then that person would change our whole world. This cannot happen. All of us together must connect our desires, then we will have the right thoughts that will change the world. The main thing is the desire.

Question: Does intention drive desire and thought?

Answer: Yes. It manages both desires and thoughts. But the intention appears only after the appearance of the desire itself. When the desire is processed through thought, an intention appears, and thanks to it, the action takes place.

Question: Is there a connection between thoughts and the reforming light?

Answer: Certainly. The reforming light influences you and awakens particular thoughts in you. But everything depends on how you react to them.

Question: What do I gain if I attribute all of my thoughts and desires to the Creator? What should the right response to these thoughts and desires be?

Answer: You will gain a connection with the true source of all your thoughts and desires. First you connect yourself correctly to the source and then everything depends on what you want from it, how, what you are giving back, what you are asking, and what kind of desire you are raising.

Question: How does the thought that “there is none else besides Him” translate into sensation?

Answer: Only through your efforts, your aspirations constantly to try to feel that “there is none else besides Him,” that the Creator manages you completely, and that your connection with Him is absolute and complete, passing through all the cells of your body.

Question: How can we make sure we are giving the Creator pleasure?

Answer: It is very simple. If I give pleasure to the friends, it means that I am giving pleasure to the Creator.

Question: What if we were to see how our thoughts work immediately?

Answer: No, that will never happen. I must only think about the fact that I am working in the right group where everyone will merge together into one single mass and how this mass will become homogeneous, merged without any identification, where our desires and intentions are subject to one thing: to attain the Creator, the one and only power.

Remark: At first, my mind gladly perceives the Creator as an ideal of all the good, without any flaws. But then immediately there is the contact with the ugly realities of this life.

My Comment: Correct. However, I must be ready to perceive these ugly realities of life as being directed at me in order to correct them. They are nothing more than that.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/3/19

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New Life 1119 – Human Society As A Single Body

New Life 1119 – Human Society As A Single Body
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

When we want to communicate with love and conform to the general system of nature, it will connect us into a single body. The human mind is connected to a higher mind or intelligence from above and we can become aware of it when we aspire to fulfill the general rule of “love your friend as yourself.” In order to take this evolutionary leap, we need people who are drawn toward balance, mutual complementarity, and love. When we succeed, all parts will complement each other so that we will have one heart and a common feeling.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1119 – Human Society As A Single Body,” 6/6/19

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 7/15/19

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