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All the defects that we feel elicit their own corrections. Every good phenomenon is always a product of an evil one that preceded it. The correlation between them is not measured by our states, but by their common aim.
Baal HaSulam, “The Peace”

The Creator elicits our attention to Him, and the right reaction lies in the common prayer when we turn to him together. Without seeking to sort out our differences, together we turn to the Force, the Root Cause, from which all of this stems. This is called “prayer of the public.”

Problems are empty space that we want to discover as being filled by the Creator. Thus He presents us with such an opportunity. This means the problem lies in correctly responding to His summons, when He evokes egoism in each of us and friction between us.

“We support the destruction of the State of Israel,” stated British socialist activist Gerry Downing on TV.
“Because it is a racist and genocidal endeavor that cannot be reformed. Israel’s laws are like apartheid South Africa’s laws. A single State of Palestine is the solution.”

-The Creator’s quality is bestowal, love. Is being the Creator’s slave a state of freedom or not?
-When you are in it, of course it is. Because you have chosen this state for yourself. You chose it yourself.

#Humanity became global, but it’s unable to integrate this format with its narrow egoism. This is the cause for degradation of all activity by people and countries, inability to acknowledge and solve problems. After all, global issues cannot be solved in a narrow nationalistic way.
From Twitter, 7/15/19

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