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To avoid descents, one must create them on one’s own in any state, by asking the Creator to come closer to Him—that is, by asking to advance toward the goal. And if one doesn’t ask for it ahead of time, he receives a descent so he will wish for that and ask to come closer.

One should compare the states of suffering and pleasure—and be grateful for redemption from suffering. And it doesn’t matter how much he receives—what matters is how much he appreciates what he receives from the Creator. To this degree, the sensation of what he receives grows, along with one’s closeness to the Creator.

The feeling that one doesn’t advance and even regresses is given by the Creator deliberately so one will feel suffering, lack of adhesion with the Creator. A person thereby creates a Kli inside of him for adhesion—the desire to fulfill the Creator.

Josephus Flavius: There’s no point in fighting with the Jews—they will kill one another anyway!
Indeed, if our enemies left us alone, this is what would happen in Israeli society. It’s what happened during the destruction of the 1st and 2nd Temples. By directing all our forces at the internal war, we would quickly destroy ourselves!

The Creator operates on a person from outside, through the world, and through inside, through one’s inner nature. We are between two forces in order to reach correction, perception of the Creator’s governance as perfect. Until we balance the Creator’s inner and external forces.

I see around me a reflection of myself, my faults.
I see all of reality and the connections between its parts, as imperfect—this shows how uncorrected I am.
All of reality is perfect. Only man requires correction.
But man can be corrected only through his environment.

We mustn’t correct anything in reality except our perception of it.
We see the world according to our own qualities.
Hence we have to correct our view of creation.
Creation itself, which appears before us, is absolutely perfect.
#Peace in the world is the perfection that we must attain.
From Twitter, 7/19/19

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