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The System Of Writing Between Baal HaSulam And Ramak

laitman_258Question: What is the difference in the system of writing between Baal HaSulam and Ramak?

Answer: There is a huge difference between them. As a matter of fact, Ramak explained everything from the perspective of the spreading of the light, whereas the Ari explained from the perspective of the correction of the Kelim, vessels, and desires. Since we are a vessel and desire, the system of the Ari is closer to us.

As for Baal HaSulam, he is like the continuation of the Ari; therefore, his writings explain the same system of the screens.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 03/10/19

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Open The Path To The Creator

laitman_963.1The laws of perfection must operate in the ten, the HaVaYaH: equality, mutual integration, mutual bestowal, annulment before each other. It is very important to build relations of equality in the ten in every possible way. All the differences that we see today between us, distinguishing some as more successful, smarter, faster, in fact, do not mean anything. As it is written: “They have eyes but see not.” I can say this from my own experience.

It is the people who can hardly perceive any word associated with spiritual work, but, at the same time, persistently make efforts to continue at all costs that will achieve the greatest success. They will rise above everybody, not those who were given exceptional abilities from above: a high intellect, intelligence, and sensitivity. These corporeal attributes do not help in entering spirituality, but on the contrary, they stand in the way. There are stories about how disciples cried, begging the Creator to take away their natural talents and lower them to an ordinary level.

Therefore, with understanding, we should relate those friends who have difficulty sitting in the ten, studying, associating one word with another in order to understand the material. In the end, these people will succeed in spirituality more than others; it will just take more time and effort. Therefore, we cannot neglect or give up on any friend because of him not understanding anything. If the Creator brought someone to the group, we must take care to ensure that he or she is treated the same as everyone else.

There can be no neglect or preference toward anybody in the ten—everyone should be absolutely equal, not just externally, formally, but I must really feel inside that I perceive everyone in this way. Difficulties in understanding do not relate to spirituality. It is not an exam.

Building equality in the ten is even more important than developing a deficiency for the revelation of the Creator. If there is no equality, then the deficiency for the Creator will also be distorted because we will be turning to Him from an imperfect Kli.1

We should not neglect any friend in the ten. The heart should ache for everyone who does not come. We must pray for him and work on this, feeling that everything depends on us.2

Equality between the friends in the ten is built by the fact that I compensate for my attitude. One seems smarter, the other more devoted, the third one quick-witted, the fourth cunning, and I have to complete my perception of everyone so that each would be perfect and flawless.

Each one is perfection itself, there is nothing to add—this is how I should perceive the friends. In this way, I correct myself so as not to see any flaws in them. I bring everyone to one general level and they become a perfect ten for me, elevated and corrected in my eyes. The more I integrate in the ten, the deeper I penetrate into the Creator, who is in the friends. After all, it is the Creator who develops and supports them.

By connecting the friends together on an equal level, I open the path to the Creator for myself, to His revelation. The ten is like a sight of a gun through which I see the Creator, or like binoculars that need to be focused.3

In the ten, it is necessary to invest all our strength in unity and connection so that all become as one to such an extent that it will become clear that this one—the connection between us—is the Creator, not the group, not simply a connection. By penetrating deeper inside, we will begin to feel the essence of our connection, and this will be the Creator. There is no other way.

There are people for whom it is very difficult to hear this, but it is specifically because they have a very high soul and this is still distant from them. It could take another ten years of persistence and effort, but then they will achieve more than anybody else. Therefore, there should be no difference for us in what way one perceives and understands. It is said that “one does not learn with the mind” but through equality. One who can perceive everyone as equal and himself as the smallest of all, as the only one in need of correction, is on the right path.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/27/19, “Deficiency For The Greatness of the Creator”
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New Life 602 – Hate Crimes In Israel

New Life 602 – Hate Crimes In Israel
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Global terrorism and hate crimes exist because Israelis have not been educated to love one another. Israel is collapsing because of general unfounded hatred. The gaps between the different parts of society need to be bridged so that Israel can be a role model for the world again. This will happen only after we teach the general rule of “love your friend as yourself” to every part of the nation.
From KabTV’s “New Life 602 – Hate Crimes In Israel,” 8/2/15

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