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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The world’s correction starts with mourning its destruction. The Creator momentarily brought us to the corrected state of the Temple after exit from egoism, Egypt, and then destroyed it, the Temple, returning us to even greater egoism, so we would be convinced of its harm and would ask the Creator for its correction.
From Twitter, 7/29/19

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What’s The Difference Between Being Anti-Israel, Anti-Zionist And Anti-Semitic, And How Do You Know Which Is Which? (Quora)

Michael Laitman, On Quora: What’s the difference between being anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic, and how do you know which is which?

Today, many American and European Jews are anti-Israeli. Moreover, today many Jews themselves, including those in Israel, are anti-Semites in how they relate to other Jewish groups scornfully.

“Anti” in and of itself is a Jewish characteristic. Why? It’s because the root of this people is spiritual: “spiritual” meaning that the Jews are a people founded on the spiritual idea of “love your friend as yourself,” and thus being Jewish means seeking unity (the Hebrew word for “Jew” [Yehudi] comes from the word for “united” [yihudi] [Yaarot Devash, Part 2, Drush no. 2]).

The spiritual unity of the Jews is one where they united among each other and with the single force of nature that governs everyone and everything. Therefore, whoever wishes to identify with that force is considered “Jewish,” and whoever doesn’t have that approach or whoever hasn’t received such an upbringing is against it.

Therefore, every Jew, to the extent of his lack of knowledge of what is true Jewishness—which isn’t religion, but a search for unification—is both anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli.

In relation to anti-Zionism, see my answer to this question: Are anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism the same? How are they similar?

The Call To The Correction Of The World

laitman_962.2There is no one else beside the Creator, and therefore, everything comes from above: both awakening from above and awakening from below. The only difference is in how we feel this awakening: each one personally or all together in general. Personal awakening is not associated with a certain period; each person receives it in due time; according to his place in the common system, he begins to advance, to study, and comes to the group.

But there is an awakening from above that acts on all the people of Israel and carries them through different periods, favorable or difficult. It all depends on our compliance with the upper governance. The present time is special and if we do not wake up and change in the way that the upper governance requires of us, then we will feel very bad.

We must not shut our eyes, calming ourselves with the fact that everything seems alright so far. The sage sees the future state, so now is the time to create a rehabilitation program for both the people of Israel and the whole world. Similarly, in medicine, huge amounts of money are invested in the development of diagnostic devices in order to identify a dangerous disease in advance. If this is not done and the disease progresses, it leads to tragic consequences.

Therefore, we need to accelerate time and look in advance for what needs to be done to save everyone and also fulfill the purpose of creation and bestow pleasure to the Creator. Of course, “There is none else besides Him,” but where am I, where is my personal participation in this? My awakening from below is included in “there is none else beside the Creator,” but because of the lack of adherence with Him for the time being, we do not know how this is combined.

Unity is necessary for the whole world, and this means that it is necessary for the Creator because He dwells within the nation. We believe that we can attain the Creator personally, individually, but this is an egoistic demand. If we are to achieve revelation, then we will be the last ones after the whole world. After all, the correction of the world is the call of the time; we live in the last generation.

If we want to bestow to the Creator, we must take care of the correction of the whole world, and this is possible only through the people of Israel. You can act on Israel only through our group, through my ten, through the personal participation of everyone. If we build reality along such a pyramid and we influence it, each one and all together, then we will succeed.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/15/19, Writings of Baal HaSulam, Newspaper, “The Nation”
1 Minute 1:40

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Beyond Time, Space And Motion

laitman_744Question: The original sources say that the reality Kabbalists describe is beyond time, space, and motion. What is this reality and where is it?

Answer: Time, space, and motion are the parameters of our world, which is called the imaginary world. They appear in us because of uncorrected egoistic desires.

If we correct our desires, raise them to the level of bestowal, altruistic actions, then they lose those properties due to which time slows down to the level of our world, suddenly physical space appears, etc.

Therefore, concepts of time, space, and movement depend only on our egoistic desires. As soon as we rise above our egoism into the spiritual world, these parameters will disappear; they do not exist there.

In the spiritual world, time is a change in our desires from less altruism to more. Space and motion are the movements from lower, weaker qualities of bestowal to stronger ones.
From Kab TV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 11/26/18

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New Life 1128 – Women And The Essence Of Life

New Life 1128 – Women And The Essence Of Life
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The need for internal convergence is particularly evident in women. The nature of women is to relax, absorb, test, and connect to the eternal flow of nature. As women, we must find out what nature wants from us and understand the goal toward which we are advancing. As the world attempts to confuse and seduce us, we must continually ask ourselves “how am I realizing life on a higher level and discovering the essence of life?”
From KabTV’s “New Life 1128 – Women And The Essence Of Life,” 6/25/19

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 7/29/19

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