My Thoughts On Twitter 7/25/19

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A nation is a group of people united by an instinctive sense of community and striving for connection, as those born from the same parents. #Jews have no such feeling! Instead, there is a feeling of “brothers in misfortune” from the hatred toward them. Striving toward connection vanquishes hatred…

There is a blood connection between people, familial—corporeal. And there is a spiritual link between the souls. It is born in the connection between people for the sake of revealing the Creator. When it’s broken, people become strangers. They can be united only by the common hatred—#Antisemitism

Abraham revealed the Creator at the age of 40, and called upon all Babylon with it. Hundreds of thousands joined him and were called the “House of Abraham.” This is the beginning of a nation that knew the Creator. (Rambam. Yad Hasaka. Ilkhot Avoda Zarah, p1, 7-16)
This is how the #Jewish nation was formed.

All our attempts to change the world for the better (replacing our food, energy, technologies, finances…) will fail. The world will continue plunging downwards, until after many failures and much suffering, we will realize that it’s not the world around us that we must change, but only our relationships—and we set out to re-educate ourselves.
From Twitter, 7/25/19

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