Can You Be Anti-Semitic If You Don’t Know What Jews Are? (Quora)

Michael Laitman, On Quora:Can you be anti-Semitic if you don’t know what Jews are?

Yes. I can be an anti-Semite even if I don’t know what a Jew is, because I feel, without any intellectual grasp of what I feel, but I simply feel that my happiness, the world’s peace and my advancement in life depend on the Jews. I feel that this small nation of 15 or so million people runs and manipulates the world, squeezing out its juices and energies, preventing human society from enjoying a good life. That is a subconscious sensation of every person in the world. Also, if one doesn’t feel that way, then it can awaken very quickly, since it lies latent within every person.

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  1. What would trigger anti semitic feelings in a person who currently is not aware of having ever had such feelings?

    Thank you.

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