Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 4/9/19

Laitman_630.2Question: Why don’t we have love?

Answer: We have love, but it is only for ourselves. Therefore, we don’t have any other love because only one of the two can exist. As it is said, there is no empty place in the heart, either it is filled with myself or it is filled with the Creator.

Question: Is the activation of the first Tzimtzum (restriction) already an act of free choice?

Answer: Yes.

Question: How is it possible in a group to achieve a sensation of the spiritual inanimate level in which you feel that the Creator completely manages everything?

Answer: You must always think about it, trying to feel it physically in yourself, and helping each other in this. It requires strong dedication and introspection.

Question: Why can’t we acquire Rabash’s unbridled courage in dissemination?

Answer: Rabash had a desperate courage. He taught young men who, in their situations, were the complete opposite of Rabash’s environment in Bnei Brak. It is difficult to imagine what he was compelled to hear and feel.

Question: If the friends in a ten cannot participate in daily meetings, is it preferable to participate in such meetings with friends from other tens of the world group or should I concentrate on work in my ten?

Answer: It is possible to integrate with other tens also if you are unable to be with your friends.

Question: In the past, you said that it was more difficult for you than it is for us, your students, to advance. Will it be easier for students in another five to ten years to progress than it is for us?

Answer: Certainly, it will be easier for the next generations to advance than for us. This doesn’t mean that it will be more pleasant for them, but it will be easier because there will be a greater recognition of evil.

Question: How can I change from thoughts about myself to thoughts about the friends?

Answer: I have to constantly think about it, trying to do it all the time, working through my efforts.

Question: Is there such a concept as a “spiritual conscience”? Otherwise, where is the clarification of “truth and falsehood” implemented?

Answer: You can call it a conscience, even though I don’t like materialistic definitions that much. Clarification is carried out on yourself when you try to connect with the friends in a neutral situation outside of yourself and outside of them. You search for a state like this together,  and within it you implement the clarification.

Question: We learn that prayer is given from above. If we try to pray artificially and mechanically, is it possible to call such an activity “prayer” or is this preparation for prayer?

Answer: This is a true prayer. However, it would be preferable for us to organize it in a group among ourselves. What they give from above is what they are simply teaching us. Suddenly, I yearn to ask the Creator. What this means is that He has given me such a desire Himself.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 04/09/19

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