Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 1/27/19

laitman_962.2Question: Since all that surrounds us is the emanation of the Creator, is love for the still, vegetative, and animate levels a transition toward love for the Creator? For example, suppose someone loves animals, flowers, etc.

Answer: No. A relationship like that exists in every person due to his animalistic essence. What we discover in this world is called our animalistic essence. It has nothing to do with the Creator.

Question: If there is none else besides Him, who am “I” who observes the picture of the surrounding world?

Answer: You are the point that has been given the possibility to feel itself supposedly outside of the Creator. That is your “I.”

Question: How do blind people feel the Creator? Do they have the ability to perceive the Creator?

Answer: How do we feel Him? Who among us sees Him? Nobody does. The Creator is felt as a force that influences you.

Question: According to the degree of my nearing the Creator, can I determine what the Creator is and how He manages me and the world within me more and more precisely?

Answer: Yes. As we study of the wisdom of Kabbalah, we approach Him, and as a result, we truly reveal Him. But we discover Him within us.

Question: When something incomprehensible happens and I remember that the Creator did this to me, does this state cease or does my perception of the “incomprehensible” change?

Answer: The perception changes. The incomprehensible becomes comprehensible.

Question: Does the Creator have any reckoning regarding our animal bodies?

Answer: There is no reckoning with our physical bodies; you might put on weight or do anything you want to do with your body.

Question: Am I the point through which God gets to know the physical world?

Answer: God does not need to know anything. He is this world.

Question: Are the attainment of the sensation of the greatness of the Creator and of His oneness the same thing?

Answer: Yes. There is no division in the many aspects of attainment. There is only one: the attainment of the Creator.

Question: Why does suffering stimulate the desire’s development?

Answer: Suffering pushes a person toward movement because he wants to get rid of it. Without suffering (the so-called deficiency), there is no movement forward.

Question: Why is it that the Creator is felt in the wild, primitive nature, and only vanity is felt in a metropolis?

Answer: It is because in primitive nature you are free from the influence of the insane crowd.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/27/19

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