Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 1/13/19

laitman_566.02Question: How can the right environment help in building a stable and strong family bond? And how can the family bond strengthen the environment?

Answer: We need to learn this. We have had many conversations that deal with this subject: how to behave in a family, how to balance family relationships. It is possible to find and study everything in our archive.

Question: You say that the future will be unbearable. How should we understand this?

Answer: That is incorrect! I am saying that it could be unbearable, but it could also be normal, if we understand the dynamics of our development and in what manner we can correct it.

Question: Which professions and experts will be in demand in the coming year?

Answer: This year, almost all professions will be in demand as before, but over time, there will be a very serious revision of professions.

Question: Legalization of drugs, sports, and smartphones—these satisfy the masses. How do we escape these traps? What will change this year?

Answer: I don’t know. It is impossible to change something in society, to turn it around to a particular point, without educating it as a whole. It will not work.

Question: Isn’t humanity playing with the Internet and computer technology too much? How much more do they need to be developed?

Answer: It is very good that humanity “sits” on the Internet; it is beginning to comprehend the opportunity of communicating between each other. I very much hope that in the future this system will begin to serve the general connection between us.

Question: Most people are convinced that they are in an excellent connection with others and that everyone else is at fault. How is it possible to explain what the right connection is?

Answer: You cannot do anything, you have to explain. So many people, practically all of us, justify ourselves and believe that we are right. We must think about how to explain that there is a greater truth.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/13/19

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