Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 12/16/18

laitman_561Question: What is the difference between the right and the left line, reception and bestowal? Is it balance, importance, or something else?

Answer: Indeed, balance is important, when I perceive the left and the right line as equivalent, I abstract them from myself in order to balance them above me. This is how I build my soul from them.

Question: How do I implement the recommendations of a Kabbalist when it seems they are mutually exclusive?

Answer: Give me such examples and I will tell you why they are mutually exclusive. They may seem contradictory, but they always complement each other. If you include them within you, you will see it.

Question: Are the desire and the intention always in conflict?

Answer: This is already a certain level. If certain desires are opposite to the intentions and a person understands this, then the person knows what to do. One is already advancing.

Question: How can one avoid going into fantasies and philosophy while desiring to understand the feelings that arise when one is studying the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: If you apply the method in a group, then there is no chance that this will happen to you. However, in any other way, there is no point in even trying to advance because this will lead you in another direction and you will achieve nothing.

Question: When I want to weigh a desire or a thought, what must I put on the second pan of the scale?

Answer: Put the unity between us and the Creator on it.

Question: What qualities do people need the most?

Answer: First of all, a person must recognize one’s lack of knowledge, insignificance, and weakness. Reaching a state when you understand your insignificance in everything and your full dependence on the Creator, this is the highest point. Because that is the truth. All the rest is petty, childish egoism.

Question: How does one balance thought and speech?

Answer: This has no relation to the wisdom of Kabbalah since this is a technique of our world; because spiritual thought and speech do not apply to our verbal and our thinking mechanism.
From the Kabbalah Lesson Russian 12/16/18

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