Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 11/18/18

laitman_281.02Question: Is the Creator revealed in a field of good feelings or is the Creator the good feeling?

Answer: The Creator is everything that is in all worlds, in all of creation, within me. He determines everything, except for your freedom of choice—a small parameter that you determine for yourself.

Question: Is the path of suffering a desire of the Creator?

Answer: The desire of the Creator is our attainment of complete similarity to Him, in the middle line, because His state is the perfected state.

Question: If a person violates the laws of the spiritual system, will he necessarily experience suffering?

Answer: It is when the laws of communication between friends in a group.

Question: When a person achieves eternity and completeness, is this the point at which it is not necessary to feel pain and suffering?

Answer: Yes.

Question: I constantly try to imagine that everything comes from the Creator, that He is good to me, and that I feel Him as a loving presence. Then I feel grateful and happily participate in the group. Is a yearning to feel the Creator egoism?

Answer: No, these are the right attempts. A person should strive for good feelings.

Question: There were good relations in our family, but when my husband made a lot more money, he immediately changed. His aggressiveness was transmitted to the family, to the children. I want to continue the path of goodness, of personal development, but my husband is not listening to me anymore. Must I wait patiently or clearly move along and go my own way?

Answer: It seems to me that you cannot do anything here. You must make it possible for your husband to along the path he has chosen. The main thing is that he will think about you and the children, and you continue the path of your spiritual development.

Question: A person just wants to enjoy, even in a group, this is our essence. But this is not correction?

Answer: No, this is not correction. You need a group so that you can rise above yourself, so that through concern for the friends, through connection with them, you will achieve a connection with the Creator.

Question: Is every person ready and able to transform bitterness into sweetness and proceed in the quick and easy path of Achishena (path of acceleration)?

Answer: Yes, in our time every person can transform bitterness into sweetness and attain the goal of creation during this life. It does not matter how old one is. Everyone, if they will only try to make fewer mistakes moving toward the goal.

Question: Does our world mix with the upper world or do they remain separate?

Answer: No, they do not mix.

Question: If a person in a group suffers, does this mean that he is not going in the way of Kabbalah?

Answer: It means that for the time being he is unable to ascertain his suffering correctly in order to help him ascend spiritually.

Question: Is the Creator our common dream?

Answer: The Creator is what we represent between us. What this means is that we achieve revealing Him as the sum of all of our impressions and yearnings.

Question: How is it possible to understand that I have chosen the path of Kabbalah and not the path of suffering?

Answer: This depends on how much you draw the group and the friends together with you in order to ascend spiritually.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/18/18

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