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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Exile is the expulsion from the upper world, the feeling of separation from existing in unity and bestowal, when life outside of this is impossible. Suffering pushes towards any means of closeness in the group and mutual connection with the Creator. But evil also becomes stronger.
Until we decide to run!

If we are ready to fight our common ego, Pharaoh, an interference with unity, with the power of #connection, #Moshe, beyond all possibilities, we reveal help from above in the point of connection: “Let’s go to #Pharaoh and fight together.”
The Creator is offering us to unite and bring us out of the power of #egoism, Egypt.

We raise bestowal, matzo, over the desire to enjoy, like bitterness (Maror), wishing to turn Maror into the sweetness of bestowal to the Creator, we come to Pesach, a counter consciousness: a new attitude to the desire to enjoy, from which we build the image of Man—a likeness of the Creator.
ADAM = EDAME, similar to the upper.

#Pesach is when a person constantly leaps (Pasah) from one opposite to another, bit by bit transforming his reception to bestowal. He does it with #Matsa—”the bread of poverty,” having no other nourishment and agreeing to be satisfied with what he receives by bestowing.

In the beginning of the path a person thinks that he can reach the goal by himself, that he can change on his own. Then he realizes that this is impossible. It can only be done by the upper force. Thus he is taught that he must bow his head and ask for help (like Rabbi Akiva).
That’s how one attains adhesion with the Creator.

The screen is like a valve that regulates how much will to enjoy I can attach to the intention of bestowal. It must be constantly regulated inside of oneself—in the relations between the will to enjoy and the will to bestow, and so on till the end of correction, constantly working with the screen.

#Passover is the start of realizing the Creator’s importance and greatness. Inasmuch as we increase the sensation of His greatness among us, that is how much we will advance. Everything follows from this.
If a person lives by the Creator’s greatness, he can fall and rise, but these are phases of his progress and he won’t veer away from them.

During Passover we don’t eat fruits or vegetables with a peel. Whatever can’t be peeled (such as tomatoes) is not consumed. Peel (Klipa) symbolizes egoism.
Cleansing ourselves of egoism requires us to peel egoism off of ourselves since it separates me from the group and through it, from the Creator.
Cleansing of egoism is the meaning of #Passover!

The Creator’s importance changes the value system: we see importance in rising above our will to enjoy. We begin to enjoy crushing our egoism for the sake of the spiritual (abstract) idea and goal, which is not yet clear in my desires, thoughts, values…

Spiritual work starts with the laws of Pesach—prohibitions of being in ego-desires. Exiting them, overcoming egoism—is exodus from Egypt.
After exodus and reception of #Torah, the light of correction, we work to correct ego-desires into qualities of bestowal, equivalence to the Creator.

Descents, increases in egoism, are included in ascents, greater connections, elevations: every ascent incorporates the preceding descent inside it.
“Killing the Egyptian” means destroying your attitude to descents. We start to perceive descents as a mandatory part of the ascent.

By its resistance, the “Egyptian,” our egoism, ensures ascent. Hence we leap over the state of “Egyptian” along the degrees of “Isra-El,” and the Egyptian provides the size of the ascent. #Pesach means leaping over the degrees of egoism (Egypt).

The will to enjoy, egoism, doesn’t disappear anywhere, and we must constantly be above it, rise. Hence we cannot be devoid of fear (Ira). Fear safeguards us from egoism’s complaints, since I demand protection from egoism, a covering over it, a shield—then I can enter the quality of bestowal.

A person receives permission to enter the Creator’s castle if he tries to think only about His benefit, no matter what happens. If he is in fear (awe) of being able to do this, then he is allowed to enter. The height of the fear determines the height of the degree of entry.

When we unite, we convey spiritual information to one another, forces of mutual work, which lifts everyone up. This is why unity is special. It allows each one to become like a great sage.
Kill the Egyptian—in you. Everything that Kabbalah describes is talking only about the qualities of the person.

Work with states like a rectifier (Wheatstone bridge—which straightens the electrical current) so the ascents and descents are perceived the same way—for bestowal. Thus we “straighten out” all the descents in all the states, and darkness will shine as light.
When descents are as ascents, everything transforms into one reality, the Creator’s authority.

But precisely these difficulties compel us to turn to the Creator and receive the light of correction—and rise above egoism into spirituality.

Egypt is the manifestation, in the common egoism, of urges (sparks) for correction, Isra-el, which we correct.
Hence it is difficult to come out of the common egoism, Egypt.

What do I wish the people of #Israel this #Passover?
Connection. That’s all we need.
#passover2019 #jewish

From Twitter, 4/17/19

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3D Heart Printed In Israel

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/17/19

Once again the Startup Nation delivers the breakthrough, this time in the form of the human heart. Researchers from Tel Aviv University have demonstrated how to take human tissues and use them to print a 3D living, beating heart. Within a decade, they estimate, we’ll start saying goodbye to organ transplants altogether.

I remember the world’s first heart transplant that took place in 1967 in South Africa and made waves around the world. People were shocked and baffled by the idea that their heart could be replaced with someone else’s. And it brought up all sorts of questions such as whether a heart transplant changes a person’s feelings and personality traits.

That was in the middle of the 20th century, which just goes to show how clueless and primitive we are in our thinking, when it comes to understanding the difference between the body and the higher essence of the human being.

It’s hard for us to let go of the thought that our essence is somehow connected to our body. However, our technology is ushering us into a world where all of our organs can be printed, cloned and replaced and the medical world will be largely dominated by robots and artificial intelligence instead of human doctors.

This revolution in the medical world will help us see that we are more than what our bodies are. From that point, it will be easier for us to recognize that the true essence of the human does not reside in the body.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that the deeper essence of the human is a spiritual spark that exists in a reality beyond time and space, and our next phase of development is about finding it. Thus, realizing that it’s not in our body is a step forward for mankind.

When we wonder about our higher purpose, we should first realize that our technological progress can only extend our toolset and improve our lives on the physical level of existence.

Kabbalists throughout the centuries have continuously worked to develop the spiritual technology that we can harness to rise to a truly higher level of existence where we’re all connected above our bodies, and realize our unique spiritual potential. This is where we discover the purpose of our life and how it’s connected to the force that guides the whole of reality. If you will, Kabbalah can teach us how to operate the spiritual printer that can print the human soul.

Explore further >>>>>>>>>>>>

Tel Aviv University | אוניברסיטת תל-אביב

Energy From Thin Air

laitman_294.1The egoistic desire works perfectly in this world when it clearly sees a reward in front of it, can weigh the benefits of its actions, and then decide where and how much to exert. Egoism can fight for a reward.

However, when it comes to the desire to bestow, we have no strength to produce it. We see no reward and have no motivation to act. It turns out that the need to perform an action for the sake of bestowal cancels the desire to receive in us, and we cannot move with it. We feel as if we have no arms, no legs, no head, and no energy. If there is no motivation, then I cannot move, I’ll just stay in bed.

I need some kind of incentive to get up. Problems then come along that afflict me. I then realize that problems are, in fact, good for me, because they wake me up to act.

If we do not work with our desire to receive, then we can’t do anything. Everything would stop. Imagine the desire to receive, egoism—the world’s foundation, every atom and particle—suddenly switched off all over the world. The world would remain completely motionless because movement takes place to fulfill a deficiency. If the ego does not want anything, it will remain inactive.

The world would stop. There would be complete silence, and this means that everything would disappear. If electrons stopped spinning in an atom, it would disappear because it has nothing but these rotations, a deficiency. Only deficiency moves matter, and if deficiency disappeared, movement would stop and matter would disappear. Matter is a deficiency.

How is it possible to perform actions of bestowal? How can you build a second floor, an altruistic one, without stifling the material condition? Let matter continue to work, it does not interfere with us; on the contrary, it helps. After each ascent we will always fall to the corporeal level so that, from that level, we will rise even higher. How do we find a new fuel not based on the desire to receive, but on the desire to bestow?

How can we want to bestow? This is the main question. Its answer is the key to success because humanity has developed enough in order to reach the end of correction. The only question is how to find the force of bestowal in every state. This force already exists, but we need to extract it. It will not come by itself, otherwise it would have been revealed in the world long ago.

The need for it is already inherent in a person because everyone asks, “What kind of life is this? What are we living for? What is the point?” Yet, it goes no further because even the force of bestowal we want to receive egotistically, but it does not come in this way.

The question is what kind of mechanism should we build in order to receive the force of bestowal through it, which would fill the whole of reality? Astrophysicists say that there is energy that fills the entire universe. We think that space is a vacuum, but in fact, it is full of energy.

They are now trying to extract this information in the writings of the famous researcher Tesla who kept them secret in his time. They think that he found a way to get energy directly from air. Indeed, it is not an empty space, it is full of energy. The question is how to open this energy source? Instructions for how to do this is in front of us—it is a Kabbalistic book.

The Kabbalist sages say that this energy can be received through the ten. Through the ten, we connect to the space filled with the force of bestowal, called “the Creator.” The ten works like a modem or an adapter connecting us to this concealed force.

This force will always remain in concealment. It is revealed only within the ten as if in a detector of this upper force. To the extent of my inclusion in the ten, my connection with it, and my efforts to awaken it to connection with the upper force, I receive this energy of bestowal. It is as if I insert my plug into the socket and start receiving energy. This is the only way it works.

Then we will discover that we are inside the field of the upper force, which “is good and does good.” It is the only force, nothing other than it exits. All the opposing forces are concentrated only within me in order to help me connect to this upper force and begin receiving energy from it.1
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4 /1/19, “Building The Future Society”
1 Minute 01:30

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Everything Depends On The Root Of The Soul

laitman_958Question: Everywhere and always I separate my “I.” The feeling of isolation from other people disallows me from connecting with them. I push them away. What should I do?

Answer: I understand you perfectly. But you are not the only one. It is practically in everyone.

There are people who establish contact with other people easily. For others it is difficult, and there are those who do not feel other people at all. They live by themselves as if there are plants, not people, around them. This is how the Creator created us.

Therefore, you should not compare yourself with others and be offended. It depends on the root of your soul. Developing Kabbalistically, you will discover that everything emerges from this root. The soul has its Reshimo (spiritual gene) that determines absolutely everything in you.

Each of us has his own specific spiritual gene, which is nothing like the others. That is our place in the general system Adam in the common soul. It is only mine, only yours, his, and so on.

This place defines all our properties: physical, biological, genetic, spiritual, whichever. The same place defines our destiny.

If we knew our spiritual gene, its place, and its coordinates in the common soul, we could calculate everything that relates to us. There would then be nothing incomprehensible either in us or in our lives, not in what has happened, is happening, or will happen.

But it is closed for us for the time being. You will attain everything when this revelation will not hinder you in your spiritual development, but will only help.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/9/18

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How Does A Kabbalist Escape Bad Thoughts?

Laitman_407.01Question: How does a Kabbalist escape bad thoughts? What methods do we have to work with them?

Answer: A Kabbalist never runs away from anything. He must use everything for balance and benefit. Everything that comes from above is given for a reason; therefore, nothing should be dismissed out of hand. We just need to know how to balance it. This is the common sense of life.

Question: What are my actions if I get a bad thought?

Answer: It is not a bad thought, but rather a thought that you need to treat correctly. It can be disgusting, unpleasant, or low. Yet, in any case, it comes from the same source—from the Creator, from which both our egoism and our altruism emanate. We must understand that our goal is only balance between them.

Therefore, never push away any thought or any of the most sinful desires, which make you cringe. In the first moment, you will instinctively want to be rid of it, but in the next moment you will say to yourself, “No, it came from the Creator.” If I throw away this desire, I will not rise above it. I must take it, even though I am disgusted, and by rising above it, I must balance it correctly.

Everything comes from the root of my soul, which is absolute evil since we all are the result of the shattering of common soul. Therefore, all the shattering is revealed in us gradually. The reason that the wildest desires and the dirtiest thoughts and inclinations appear in me now is in the root of my soul as a result of the shattering.

If I do not correct this desire, then later, after a few degrees, it will come back to me in a different form. Thus, we should not run away from anything; rather, we should accept everything consciously and act upon it.

Therefore, a Kabbalist gradually learns not to relate personally to everything that passes over him. This is not me. This comes from the opposite qualities in my root. Initially, I was in a state of adhesion with the Creator. Then it became inverse, completely opposite to the Creator. This is what I am experiencing now.

Why should I reject this? The Creator specifically awakens the next level of my corruption in me so that I will correct it and rise one more degree.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 12/16/18

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 11/4/18

laitman_281.02Question: Is there a time interval between turning to the system and receiving an answer from it or does a Kabbalist receive an answer immediately?

Answer: You receive the answer immediately. The question is whether you understand the answer.

Question: Would you say that convincing yourself and understanding is the same thing?

Answer: Convincing yourself is not enough; understanding is a big problem. But these are all parts of your approach to the Creator, the higher system. The supreme management system is called the Creator.

Question: Is my correct request reflected in the world and then I see that the world is corrected?

Answer: To the same degree that you begin to be corrected, you will begin to see the world as corrected.

Question: What is the difference between turning to the center of the group with a request to the Creator and then the group bringing my request upward, and my turning directly to the Creator?

Answer: If your request and the request of each member of the group and all of them together are compatible, then the combined request directly influences your relationship with the Creator.

Question: How can one not forget to ask to resemble the Creator during good situations?

Answer: To do this, you must have a group that will remind you about it and you will remind them. Then, in good situations you will remember to turn to the Creator. However, in bad situations, there is no need for a reminder because then your ego will push you.

Question: Why are people who still do not have broad knowledge of the wisdom of Kabbalah and how to ask the Creator correctly able to turn with a request and get a result, while other people cannot understand why the Creator does not hear them?

Answer: That is completely incorrect. Let them ask, let them address as the wisdom of Kabbalah suggests, and then we shall talk.

Question: Is the imaginary control over others anything like controlling oneself? By controlling yourself, is it possible to help others?

Answer: That is basically correct.

Question: Should a desire to ask the Creator be awakened first or should one ask in any case even if one does not want to?

Answer: Even if you don’t want to, you should ask anyway. This will gradually awaken the right connection in you with the Creator. You can start in any situation, any way you wish, but a true and effective request that you will get an answer for must move through the group.

Question: Does the Creator hear us only if we pray about the problems of the members of our group?

Answer: You are asking to acquire the property of bestowal, love of others, being like the Creator; therefore, He will hear this.

Question: How can everyone be equal to the Creator if everyone is different even according to the root of the soul?

Answer: In an absolutely closed integral system, there is no small or great, there is no close or far, everyone is absolutely identical.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/4/18

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New Life 212 – Preparing Children For The Arrival Of Siblings

New Life 212 – Preparing Children For The Arrival Of Siblings
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

In the process of expanding the family, it is necessary to talk with the child throughout the process so that nothing happens suddenly without preparation. Teach the child that it is natural and inevitable for animals and humans to procreate by sharing photos of family lineage or taking a trip to the zoo. Involve the child and discuss his new role as a big sibling and helper to the parents. If the child participates, there should be no jealousy. Family workshops help to gently deal with outbursts of anger. The family always feels connected as four.
From KabTV’s “New Life 212 – Preparing Children For The Arrival Of Siblings,” 7/21/13

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