How Does A Kabbalist Escape Bad Thoughts?

Laitman_407.01Question: How does a Kabbalist escape bad thoughts? What methods do we have to work with them?

Answer: A Kabbalist never runs away from anything. He must use everything for balance and benefit. Everything that comes from above is given for a reason; therefore, nothing should be dismissed out of hand. We just need to know how to balance it. This is the common sense of life.

Question: What are my actions if I get a bad thought?

Answer: It is not a bad thought, but rather a thought that you need to treat correctly. It can be disgusting, unpleasant, or low. Yet, in any case, it comes from the same source—from the Creator, from which both our egoism and our altruism emanate. We must understand that our goal is only balance between them.

Therefore, never push away any thought or any of the most sinful desires, which make you cringe. In the first moment, you will instinctively want to be rid of it, but in the next moment you will say to yourself, “No, it came from the Creator.” If I throw away this desire, I will not rise above it. I must take it, even though I am disgusted, and by rising above it, I must balance it correctly.

Everything comes from the root of my soul, which is absolute evil since we all are the result of the shattering of common soul. Therefore, all the shattering is revealed in us gradually. The reason that the wildest desires and the dirtiest thoughts and inclinations appear in me now is in the root of my soul as a result of the shattering.

If I do not correct this desire, then later, after a few degrees, it will come back to me in a different form. Thus, we should not run away from anything; rather, we should accept everything consciously and act upon it.

Therefore, a Kabbalist gradually learns not to relate personally to everything that passes over him. This is not me. This comes from the opposite qualities in my root. Initially, I was in a state of adhesion with the Creator. Then it became inverse, completely opposite to the Creator. This is what I am experiencing now.

Why should I reject this? The Creator specifically awakens the next level of my corruption in me so that I will correct it and rise one more degree.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 12/16/18

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