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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

We perceive the world in equivalence of form.
We have capabilities of perceiving: sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste.
Their sum total produces the picture of the world. Yet there are more influences in the world, we just don’t have the qualities to feel them.
The science of Kabbalah (the science of reception) develops these qualities in us.

If humanity is to shift to spiritual sensations, it must:
-be developed (the end of sciences, arts, family…)
-discover lack of fulfillment in its activities
This end of earthly history is starting in our time.
The lack of earthly fulfillments will push us to search for spiritual fulfillments.

A feeling of slavery—when you want to break free of egoism but can’t. Thus the efforts can only be above oneself, without seeing the reward. The greater the effort, the more bitterness. Until the sum of the efforts will summon the help of the Creator and receive a taste for His slavery.

Our freedom lies only in the opportunity to change our attitude to reality, rather than changing reality itself.
Reality is created by the illumination of our ego—Reshimo.
With your attitude to this, you change reality, or how you feel it:
this world—evil, or the upper world—goodness.

It’s the intention that operates: the Creator changes the desire, and we must endow every desire with an intention, just as every item in a store gets a label and price sticker. The Creator pulls up new desires in me, and I stick the right intentions on them.

In spirituality, calculations happen to the full degree. Therefore, a person receives help to ascend only if he asks to completely annul himself before the Creator—the quality of bestowal, even though egoism does not agree to it, and asks to revoke this desire.

After the degree of Lo Lishma there are no calculations for oneself, but only thoughts and actions to annul yourself, because you feel the greatness of the Creator, everything is done only for the sake of the Creator, thoughts and desires for oneself do not even arise—level of Lishma, one is in bestowal for the sake of bestowal.
From Twitter, 4/6/19

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Absolute Love Or How To Find A Soulmate

laitman_294.2Question: From the point of view of science, isn’t the love a person feels for another simply a chemical process occurring in his body?

Answer: Of course, these are all chemical processes.

Question: What is love in terms of Kabbalah?

Answer: It is love at another level. But ultimately it is realized in us in the same physical and chemical processes. Only in Kabbalah it is studied from its upper source, from where it appears in us.

In fact, everything is determined by what is called “soul affinity,” that is, how much our souls, our spiritual components, are in a close state to each other in the common system of all souls in the world. Accordingly, we become attracted to and find each other.

It seems like it is a coincidence, that there are some circumstances. It is nothing of the kind. There are no coincidences in the world. Only the upper root brings us into some kind of movement toward each other. It obliges us to pay attention to each other and get close. At what level and in what sense to get close depends on the quality of our spiritual roots.

Question: How does this spiritual convergence occur?

Answer: A person in our world does not know this. We, as they say, “sniff” each other, study each other. It seems to us that we are suitable or not. It seems to us that circumstances lead to this, and everyone says: “You are so alike, similar,” and so on. This is all the world of dolls, the world of a game. But in fact, spiritual forces, spiritual roots, determine everything.

Question: How does one search for a spiritual partner?

Answer: People will not be able to. People do not understand. We study this in the science of Kabbalah and understand how it works. But in our world, we still cannot realize it.

Question: Is love a relationship of souls?

Answer: Love is the attraction of kindred souls. But this is spiritual, ideal love.

Question: What is a soulmate?

Answer: Soulmates are those who are in very close combination in the spiritual world.

There is a common soul. In it, there are many, billions of private souls that coexist with each other in all sorts of combinations. Their combinations determine the convergence, separation, and movement, including physical, in general, all this Brownian movement between us in our world.

Question: Does the name “my other half” imply a soulmate?

Answer: This is the perfect case.

Question: What is lovesickness?

Answer: Lovesickness in our world is purely egoistic suffering because I need fulfillment and I cannot find it. “Where is my second half that will fill me?” It’s just like: “Where is my dinner that I want to eat that I’m supposed to have?” It is absolutely the same. It is also the same with sex and with all the other fillings.

Question: What should be the principle of relationships of love in terms of Kabbalah?

Answer: This is a mutual understanding, the pursuit of a common goal, in which we unite together as one. But only in a common goal.

Question: Can this goal be anything?

Answer: No, only the spiritual goal! A spiritual goal is the union of our souls. As the great English poet Chaucer wrote: “Reach the merging of our souls in the tangle of our bodies.” He laughed at this—what we want.

Question: What is the lovesickness (“suffering out of love”) in Kabbalistic terms?

Answer: It is when I want to find my soulmate, including all the other souls in the world, in order to reach a state of spiritual connection between us, when I give everything, and through them I give it to the Creator. This is called true love. Eternal.

Question: Can there be a separation between soulmates, a break in communication? Why does it occur?

Answer: I did not observe such effects in our world. We are still in a state where our world is broken, and it only just begins its approach to the spiritual, corrected world.

We will definitely enter it. The question is when? We will reach a state where we will simultaneously perform actions in our world on the basis of spiritual actions. Then, we will fall in love with the soul and unite “soul to soul” as they say. Then everything will coexist in this way. I cannot imagine that separation is possible at this state.

Question: Then separation will not exist?

Answer: No. This is eternal love!
From the TV program “News with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman”, 2/28/18

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What Should A Student Give The Teacher?

laitman_528.04Question: What should a student give to the teacher?

Answer: A student should give the teacher his aspirations, which he will be able to raise upward and bring the student the strength to realize them.

Question: Does the teacher need this?

Answer: Why does he exist? It is only in order to help students. This is his purpose.

Question: Should the teacher evoke these aspirations in the students?

Answer: The teacher can only offer, but he cannot coerce or force. This is the work of the student himself. But the teacher is ready for it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/2/18

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Why Do People Start Studying Kabbalah?

Laitman_632.3Question: When people come to the science of Kabbalah, they are afraid that the process of mastering it takes a very long time, many years. Will it ever take less time? Perhaps after some time, people will pass through all those states that we go through more quickly?

Answer: Suppose you get a diploma, hang it on the wall. And what will you do next?

Remark: Probably live infinitely.

My Comment: So you want to quickly enter eternal life? But eternal life means that you aspire to the quality of bestowal and love, think only about others.

A person who comes to study Kabbalah understands that a new state, a new outlook on life, a new humanity, a new system of interaction between people is now being opened to him. After all, it was not that he just came, studied a little, was noted in the journal, given a piece of paper, and he can hang it on the wall.

He comes to change himself, to enter the upper world, to exist in it. This is much more than your temporary relationship with Kabbalah.

The science of Kabbalah deals with raising a person to the next level of the universe, and he begins to see from where all the governing forces descend and what he is dealing with.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 12/9/18

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New Life 191 – The Foundation Of Education In Jewish Culture, Part 1

New Life 191 – The Foundation Of Education In Jewish Culture, Part 1
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Education is the only means for transforming us into complete people. The entire Torah is education: It is about how a person must relate to himself, to the still, the vegetative, the animate and to the human. The image of a perfected person toward which education aims precedes the religious or secular form. This is the source. The Torah requires of us to love everything outside of us. It is impossible to achieve such love without education because our nature is its opposite. Education is only by example, not by suppression. Teach and be an example, because words in and of themselves do not help.
From KabTV’s “New Life 191 – The Foundation Of Education In Jewish Culture, Part 1,” 6/2/13

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“An Open Letter to Secretary Pompeo about Fighting Anti-Semitism“ (The Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “An Open Letter to Secretary Pompeo about Fighting Anti-Semitism

Dear Secretary Pompeo,

I appreciate that your office is allocating funds to fight anti-Semitism around the world. As we saw at the recent AIPAC gathering, anti-Semitism appears to be the only issue that truly unifies the Jewish people above the bipartisanship that is tearing society apart.

In the week before AIPAC, the European Jewish Congress hosted a conference focused on improving security and fighting anti-Semitism. The experts discussed numerous issues related to law enforcement, crisis management, security awareness, technology, legislative and political issues, hate crimes and reporting acts of anti-Semitism.

There is a vast amount of resources, time and energy being invested in such gatherings of Jewish leaders, while anti-Semitism continues to escalate on both sides of the Atlantic, and shows no signs of slowing down.

In November 2014, I was interviewed by Larry King about the rise in anti-Semitism. From Los Angeles, I headed to Washington to attend the Israeli-American Council (IAC) conference. In my speech there, I explained how anti-Semitism would spread from Europe to America in the coming years. Not only did the distinguished members of the Jewish community disagree with me, they did not want to even hear of such a potential scenario. “That will never happen in the U.S.,” I was told.

Yet sadly, here we are five years later, and anti-Semitism is spreading quickly in North America. It is spreading wherever there are big Jewish communities, in schools and on campuses – suddenly everyone is talking about anti-Semitism.

For the last two decades, I have been at the helm of a nonprofit educational organization that has been dedicating considerable resources to spreading information about how to fight anti-Semitism in a new and unconventional way.

In my view, the whole premise of how we are trying to fight anti-Semitism is wrong. We are looking for ways to silence the hatred, rather than understanding where it emanates from. Without understanding and treating the root of the problem, hatred of Jews will continue to bubble under the surface, and erupt on the face of it.

The ancient wisdom of Kabbalah uncovers the little-known root of anti-Semitism: It explains that the Jewish people is a group that was created in a unique turning point in human evolution, some 3,800 years ago.

Following the evolution of the human ego, Abraham gathered around him representatives from the various groups and clans who lived in ancient Mesopotamia, and built them into a group capable of enhancing human connection over the growing ego, so as to discover nature’s higher force of oneness.

The group found itself growing in dissonance with the rest of human society, and ultimately, they abandoned Mesopotamia. From that point onward, the Jewish people and the other nations separated and continued to evolve on two parallel axes, and at that point, anti-Semitism was born.

Anti-Semitism has never disappeared ever since. It only morphed and mutated throughout history like a virus that never goes away. Jews continue to evoke a unique, negative sentiment throughout thousands of years of their existence, since they carry a method that the whole of society needs in order to rise to a higher level of connection.

Today, both Jews and anti-Semites do not recognize the natural dynamic that activates them. This is why this explanation is so vital. Only the understanding and awareness of these natural foundations can serve as a basis for solving the problem of anti-Semitism. As soon as the explanation permeates the public discourse, the anti-Semitic flames will subside.

In response to your announcement to increase awareness and law enforcement training, I offer a special training that would educate both Jews and non-Jews alike on the root cause of anti- Semitism. This can be implemented immediately in the U.S. and Europe.

Finally, I leave you with an important message for the future: our world is becoming increasingly interdependent, and very soon, everything will depend on the quality of human connections. The authentic wisdom of Kabbalah, which was at the foundation of the Jewish people, holds the key to bring about a new level of unity among people, and thus help usher in a new era for humanity.

Measles Outbreak And Antisemitism

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/5/19

The outbreak of Measles provides another justification for the inherent hatred towards Jews; a way to rationalize anti-Semitic sentiments.

Even in the Middle Ages Jews were blamed for spreading diseases, but the claim was opposite: Since bathing regularly wasn’t common, the Jews, who bathed at least once a week for religious reasons, were more protected from diseases. Their weekly cleaning disinfected their bodies. But the public at the time ignored that, and fabricated false theories that the Jews themselves were spreading the disease to hurt the rest of the public. As then, so now, an inexplicable and irrational feeling is constantly searching for logical reasons to blame and hate the Jews.

Hatred of Jews never goes away; it only takes on different shapes and forms throughout history. Jews were deemed responsible for the death of Jesus, but also for inventing Christianity. They’ve been labeled warmongers, as well as cowards. Communists accused them of creating capitalism, capitalists accused them of creating communism. They were hated for being arrogant, but also treated as an inferior race. They’re blamed for being racists who seclude themselves from society, and on the other hand, they are deemed rootless cosmopolitans who push for a globalist agenda.

The justifications change, but the same emotion remains. As Kabbalist Baal HaSulam writes: “The fact is that Israel is hated by all nations, whether for religion, race, capitalism, communism, cosmopolitanism etc. Hatred precedes all reasons, and each one merely resolves his hatred according to their own psychology.”

In the heart of the world, there is a demand for an explanation, a sense that Jews are holding some secret key, some cure for all illnesses, and for some reason they are not sharing it.

Also, looking at history, we find that Jews contributed significantly to medicine – such as Haffkine who developed vaccines against cholera and dabber, and did much to improve health conditions in the world. But that will never satisfy the nations of the world. They are thirsty for the real medicine in the hands of the Jewish people: the power to bring humanity together, the light for all nations.