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Those who seek the truth, with every effort toward the Creator (bestowal, unity, love), feel themselves opposite to these qualities, that in no way
do they possess them. And so until it becomes clear to them that only a prayer—a request to the Creator will change one’s nature.

#Pesach, from the word “Pa-sah” (transition, exit) – “to step over something.” We step over our egoism, rise above Pharaoh.
It is impossible to get along with it—this is our main ego-strength, one can only escape. At night, in the dark, when a small ray of light shows us the way.

Our mind depicts what is happening inside it, in the form of pictures of the world supposedly visible before us. But these are not external, earthly events, but our internal thoughts. In fact, we see ourselves on the inside.
Our qualities play out in the theater inside us, but we see it as if they are before us as the world.

Egyptians, our egoism, the credo to care only of ourselves, of eternal life. So today, having heard of bestowal and love of others, we repel this opportunity and do not even want to hear about it, because it is against common sense, egoistic reasoning.

Spiritual exile means to be completely under the power of #egoism, with no opportunity to break out of it to the property of bestowal, but only to remain in reception for self alone. Thus, a period of leaving this state is necessary
—#Pesach, separation from egoism and transition to the desire to bestow.

Exile in egoism is felt after attempts at unity in the group, like the sons of Jacob and their descent into Egypt. While exodus from Egypt happens through partial unity in the group, and complete unity after receiving the Torah.

The correction lies in rising above #evil.
Evil remains, it is necessary in order to build bestowal above it. To show that we aim toward bestowal, faith, not for the sake of victory over evil, but for the sake of adhering to the Creator through similar qualities.
#Passover #Kabbalah #EGO

Egoism provides a basis upon which we build bestowal. If there’s no egoism, bestowal falls and everything enters egoism. It thus grows bigger and rules over man.
But man must rise in bestowal higher yet.
Only after egoism’s complete growth does man receive the complete quality of bestowal, faith.

Man resists egoism, but falls into it again and again. From these actions, egoism is gradually filled till a specific level for every person, where everything that has been accumulated is given back to the person in the form of the force of bestowal, faith.
Hence egoism is called “the reverse helper.”

Correction lies in ascending above evil.
The evil remains, it’s necessary in order to build bestowal above it. To show that it is not for the sake of victory over evil that we are moving toward bestowal and faith, but rather for the sake of reaching adhesion with the Creator—through equivalence of form.

Until the utter feeling of exile in egoism, one cannot be worthy of breaking free, when the Creator Himself frees us.
It is like climbing a ladder: the left foot rises along with the left side (reception, ego), then the right (bestowal).
And so until the full manifestation of the force of the right side.

If we don’t wish for the quality of bestowal, we fall. This happens many times until we realize that we must attain the quality of bestowal (faith).
During the preparation for entering the spiritual world (the quality of bestowal), our work lies in negating any causes of our states besides the Creator. It is from them that the Creator is revealed.

Only in the process of fighting egoism do you attain that it is an evil ruler that you must first get away from, then get rid of, and then—above it, against it, acquire the will to bestow.
From Twitter, 4/16/19

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Internal Teleportation

laitman_962.6I watch the news about what is happening in the country and in the world, and I rejoice at the wicked being revealed, that is, the revelation of the evil of the egoistic desire that demands to be corrected. The ego is screaming, begging us: “Why are you not correcting me?! To what extent do I have to reveal myself and immerse myself in the world?”

I rejoice at the fact that the world is finally beginning its gradual approach to the revelation of evil. People already understand that, on one hand, they cannot do anything about the ego because it is human nature, yet on the other hand, if we fail to eradicate it, it will kill us.

Therefore, people are beginning to think of how to eliminate the ego. Slowly, they try all possible methods and realize that none of them work. Our situation is hopeless. We are somewhere on the outskirts of a galaxy, spinning around a dwarf star on a tiny planet completely soiled with our waste. Life is ending and there are no perspectives. We are alone in the universe and soon there will be no life on planet Earth either. As they say, lights out.

This is how the situation looks frankly, but this is the revelation of evil at a point from which you can start thinking of what can be done. Perhaps someone would still give advice on how to save us. So, the ear begins to get tuned to such waves that were previously imperceptible: that there is life beyond our reality.

Our reality is multidimensional, and the revelation of the upper layer beyond our reality depends on our perception. If we change our internal perception of reality, we will suddenly find ourselves living in another world, as if teleportation had occurred and I suddenly feel myself in a different state, in another place.

This is all because I changed my internal values and began to live in another world. This world is said to exist only so that we would leave it. The escape from our world is the only reason for the existence of the universe, our planet, and the people on Earth. In general, this world is imaginary, and we begin to live in the real world.

I watch the news only from this angle, and therefore, I do not shed any tears. How can we change reality? It can change only if each of us changes. Reality depends on me and is felt inside me. Therefore, two people can see the same thing but one is crying and the other one is rejoicing. It all depends on how we perceive what is happening. I see everything as necessary steps toward correction, bringing us closer to goodness.1
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/5/19, “Building The Future Society”
1 Minute 13:15

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“Beresheet, Passover And The Space Between Us”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/15/19

“We started something and we need to finish it. We’ll put our flag on the moon,” said SpaceIL chairman Morris Kahn in an interview after Israel’s spacecraft Beresheet failed to land on the moon and become the fourth country in the world to achieve this goal. But we do not need to wait for an astronomical achievement to transcend as a nation. This Passover can be an opportunity to exit our divisive world and enter a higher dimension of unity and harmony, cutting the abysmal space between us.

The Jewish people and the whole world watched with expectation and excitement as Israel attempted to make history. Even though the landing failed, the space mission drew us closer together for a moment. This is exactly the deepest meaning of Passover. The holiday symbolizes our exodus from Egypt—our self-destructive egoism that crashes everything around us—to the building of one people with one heart, a state of mutual solidarity where everyone finds peace and fulfillment.

Reaching that ultimate goal does not occur in a blink of an eye. It is the result of an inner process where a period of intensifying division leads to a decision to unite, followed by the discovery of a more unified state. Indeed, Passover signifies a transition from the feeling of our world—an earthly, limited state inherent to every person on this planet—to the feeling of the upper world, an eternal and balanced state.

During this holiday, a new space opens up in us. Our hearts are a vast space, and we must fill that space with connection and love. So before we connect around a space mission, we will best contribute to humanity by connecting our hearts. By doing so, we would spread such a positive connection to wider circles of humanity.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the Jewish nation must set an example for all the nations, to draw them together by virtue of our connection. For the time being, we lag behind the maturity of being a united nation that we have to demonstrate. How many people really help one another unconditionally? Who feels “love your neighbor as yourself” more than a slogan?

Without working steadily on the unity between us, the human ego will trample every part of creation. The division that it will awaken will encourage us to rule over the other with great pride, creating even further separation.

Therefore, the recognition that it’s necessary to exit our egoism, and the realization that we cannot do it on our own, produce an inner outcry to the upper force of love and bestowal to come and unite us above our divisions. Such a moment of desperation is when salvation from egoism comes and we are able to exit Egypt.

We need to activate the force that lets us unite. The connection between us evokes a tremendous positive force. Nature itself works in unity, in integrality, in mutual consideration, and if we learn how to acquire those qualities, even slightly, we would discover that we could go much further than the moon: we would discover a whole new harmonious universe that would open up to us through the common unity of the Jewish people and humanity.

The Writings Of Rabash – Complete Package – 8 Volumes

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/15/19

I am happy to announce that after many years in the works we have all my teacher’s (RABASH, Rav Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag) articles published in one set of books in English.

These books disclose the profound knowledge of human nature that the RABASH possessed, and take us on a journey of exploration of our souls. As we absorb the texts, we find that Kabbalah is not some cryptic occultism, but a time-tested method to understand ourselves and improve our lives and the world around us.

The Writings of RABASH >>>>>>>>>>

Compassion For Students

laitman_294.4Question: Does a Kabbalah teacher feel a feeling of compassion for people or for his students?

Answer: A teacher of Kabbalah experiences all feelings inherent in a person, only enlarged 620 times. To endure these tremendous sensations, he has appropriate tools. Even on a small degree, he experiences any sensation 620 times stronger than an ordinary person.

Question: What is compassion for students?

Answer: When the teacher sees how a student seeks to do something in spirituality, but fails and falls, and then tries again to rise and falls again, this causes compassion in the teacher because he cannot help the student. He must patiently wait. Of course, he helps the student in his own ways, but not at the level that the student feels this help.

I understood this very well from my own experience. I have been in very bad states. My teacher sympathized with me, but in no way did he help.

Only many years later did I realize that he helped me in a completely different way, regardless of whether I was suffering in front of him or not.

The fact is that suffering is felt in the general system and are not purely yours; it is the suffering of the whole system of the revelation of the Creator. This general suffering is what the teacher feels. The individual is not included there.

Understand that only your inclusion in the ten is felt in the spirituality. Therefore, just sitting alone and suffering does not help. The time lost is a pity. Quickly unite and connect your desires.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/2/2018

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New Life 211 – Education In The School System

New Life 211 – Education In The School System
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

What is the proper way to prepare children for the changes they must undergo during life and can we accompany them in their natural desired development? Children should be given a gradual, expanding environment to develop expanding consciousness of life.
From KabTV’s “New Life 211 – Education In The School System,” 7/21/13

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