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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

After revealing the entire evil in egoism, if one hasn’t run away from advancing toward the goal, one merits seeing that there is no Pharaoh or servants, but the Creator Himself revealed the egoism in him so he would see his entire egoism and his separation from the Creator.
Only then does the Creator bring him closer.

It is precisely for those who wish to come out of egoism that the Creator reveals egoism’s evil so they see themselves as more and more immersed in egoism, which contradicts common sense. But if they advance towards the truth—revelation of the entire evil in egoism—the Creator helps them, and they reveal that He has always heard them.

Egoism rules over man only to the extent that he thinks that it is egoism and not the Creator who rules over him. But as soon as he realizes that “There’s none else besides Him,” and from both sides, evil and good, he is ruled by the Creator—he feels it as the light of redemption from his ego-nature.

The easiest and clearest way to rise in the world is to demonstrate hatred for Israel. By that one stands out and rises above others, in opposition to bestowal, unity (work for the Creator), and aspiring only toward the use of egoism, for one’s own sake (work for #Pharaoh).

Those who exert for the sake of reward, in this world or the world to come, do not need the Creator since they have forces and can do everything alone, without the Creator, to the degree of their faith in the reward. And they do not feel that they are in exile (from the quality of bestowal, from the Creator).

The realization and sensation in exile (from the quality of bestowal) is that one is unable to bestow to (please) the Creator since one feels that he receives everything from Him. This is what he regrets—and it is the beginning of his connection to spirituality.

Precisely after all the attempts to come out of egoism on one’s own does a person sense that he is in exile inside the ego—and realize that only the upper force can pull him out of egoism. Only then does a prayer to the Creator for help from the bottom of the heart start to be created in him.

8 Tips for #Parents
We love you as you are,” “Look at the others and see how successful they are,”—What advice is right and what is harmful? Eight phrases we use, and the correct position of the wisdom of Kabbalah towards them.

Despite understanding that only the Creator can pull me out of egoism, it’s difficult to turn to Him with this request—there’s no faith and no example that He helps. Besides, I’ve asked the Creator for help many times and it didn’t help.
Yet it is precisely this disappointment that we must overcome —and ask!
From Twitter, 4/17/18

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What Is Pharaoh in Kabbalah?

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/17/19

What do I wish the people of Israel this Passover?
Connection. That’s all we need.

“Is Basel III A Gold Standard For Human Relations?” (Newsmax)

My article in Newsmax: “Is Basel III a Gold Standard for Human Relations?

It’s very likely that you are not familiar with the term “Basel III.”

But for those involved in the financial system, Basel III is a phrase that represents the disillusionment that followed the trauma we all experienced in the global economic crisis of 2008.

Basel III is a binding standard determined by the central bank of all central banks, which located in Basel, Switzerland, away from the public eye. Since 2011, banks around the world have implemented the Basel III standard as part of a plan to strengthen their stability against financial crises and challenges.

This month, a new section of Basel III came into effect: the status of the gold that is held in the balance sheets of the banking system has received an upgrade.

Gold is now considered a first-class safe asset and will be worth 100 percent of its market value, as opposed to 50 percent so far. In other words, gold has risen in its financial value at the expense of bonds and securities of various kinds, behind which there is no tangible asset.

Today’s analysts are debating whether the world is once again approaching the “gold standard,” a policy whereby every dollar is pegged to and backed by actual gold that sits in the basement of central banks.

Leading banks have begun to increase their gold inventories, and some argue that the price of gold is expected to rise significantly.

But even after the Basel III gold reform, the economic system will remain egoistic as it used to be. It will continue to reward those who manage to best exploit the other players, and increasingly concentrate power in their hands.

At the same time, the gold reform is an important link in the chain towards changing the socio-economic order: it is the recognition that the economic relationship between people must be anchored in the tangible and limited resources of nature.

The disengagement from the gold standard allowed for the unrestrained thriving of a mostly financial economy, debt-based and high-risk, volatile and prone to frequent crises.

The possibility of reintroducing the gold standard indicates the need to return to sanity; to take the air out of the artificial and inflated economy, and restore stability to the entire system.

This is a significant step towards establishing a new, balanced, and realistic economy. An economy that serves the individual as well as our social and personal development; an economy that will serve us instead of having us serve it; an economy that will focus on our growth as human beings, rather than the growth of GDPs and stock markets.

In fact, we can look at upgrading the status of gold as a kind of exercise that prepares us for a new and more truthful order.

In the future, Kabbalah explains, the nature of human development will lead us to a reality in which the spirit transcends matter. If today’s world is immersed in materialism where the chase for money has become our “spiritual fulfillment,” in the future we will strive for higher and loftier satisfactions than those that our current money can buy.

Spiritual satisfactions that result from the healthy participation in a more advanced human society whose members feel connected to each other in mutual care.

And what is the future of matter in such a society? It will serve our social and spiritual development, and will be well anchored with two feet on the ground.

The future society will cover all of the individual’s physical and material needs, and the individual will receive supreme spiritual satisfaction through his contribution to society. That will be the true gold standard.

The preeminent Kabbalist of the previous century, Yehuda Ashlag, had elaborated on the conduct of such a society in his “Last Generation” articles.

Revealing The Creator’s Attitude

laitman_962.1The descent of the worlds from top to bottom is built in such a way that due to its actions, the creation increasingly reveals its Master’s attitude toward it. It seems to be in the process of research. In the spiritual world, it is impossible to search for answers with our rational logic—we must penetrate it sensorially and then we will understand more. Then, from our sensations, we can find an explanation in our reason.

Imagine that I am standing in front of the Master with my desire to enjoy and now I reveal His attitude toward me at a certain level. I begin to work with it; I reject this pleasure, and make clarifications. At the same time, my desire is developing and refining after the spiritual action I have made, and so I suddenly feel that the Creator has done much more for me than I previously thought. It seems that I have grown up and realized it, similar to how, after becoming older, a child justifies his parents for what they demanded of him.

Then, my screen is reduced; I can no longer stand up against what I had managed before. It would seem that the screen should have grown because I understood more. But this is not what happens and I feel that I can do nothing but annul myself before the desire of the upper one.

I reveal the growing love of the Creator toward me and my inability to respond to Him in the same way. Therefore, all the degrees of the descent of the worlds (Olamot) are called the degrees of concealment (Alamot). The creation has no way out; it blocks itself with screens, hiding the upper light and the Creator’s attitude toward it in order to hide behind them and somehow survive. These are not degrees of honor, but rather degrees of weakness. All this is happening not at the expense of the creation, but at the expense of the Creator who is building a spiritual vessel.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/25/19, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Item 20
1 Minute 1:06:05

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Turn To The Creator

232.1Question: What does it mean to turn to the Creator if sluggish thoughts arise in me?

Answer: When a thought appears in you or you are covered with some feeling: bad or good, pleasant or unpleasant, disturbing or vice versano matter what, try to realize that it is a tip from the Creator, that He stimulates it in you.

If not in every minute, not constantly, then at least when you feel it shakes you up, you start becoming scared of something, or something bothers or puzzles you, try to realize it.

At least in such states try to find the Creator and hold Him as the cause, the source of all your thoughts and feelings.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/11/19

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Understand The Hidden Forces Of Nature

712.03Question: What is the “revelation of the Creator to the created beings in this world”? Is it possible to compare the revelation of the Creator with the revelation of the laws of magnetism or electricity? Do we simply learn how to use those laws of nature that were previously hidden from us?

Answer: To reveal the Creator means to reveal the hidden forces of nature, their dependencies, laws, formulas, and graphs, meaning, to understand what we exist inside of, to understand not the picture that we see now, but rather the forces behind it.

Nature is controlled by certain forces. Their relations with each other, their impact on us, our reverse impact on them—we need the whole picture in order to continue our existence at least more or less comfortably and confidently. The sciences of our world only lead us to the awareness that we do not control nature and its forces—we can somewhat hide from their negative impact and nothing more.

At the same time, there is an increasing feeling that science is in crisis, at a dead end, and the next breakthrough should be beyond the limits of our world, to those forces that stand outside the sphere of our present existence, outside the sphere of our universe.

These are the hidden forces of nature that are higher than us and define our entire life.

Question: Can we say that they are the cause of the events that happen to us in the corporeal world?

Answer: Naturally. Absolutely.

Question: It turns out that if I attain this hidden force while in this world, that is, if I feel it with my five senses, is this the revelation of the Creator?

Answer: Yes, you can say so.

Question: Is it a sensory attainment?

Answer: It is attained not only in the feelings, but also in the mind.

We reveal how the forces affecting us are interconnected, their causal development and their consistent impact on us. In general, we see a complete picture of our world under the influence of the upper governing forces: “upper” meaning still hidden from us.

In addition, we begin to see and understand the possibility of our influence on these forces through a reverse connection, in order to bring them to a state in which they desirably and positively influence us.
From KabTV’s “The Essence of the Science of Kabbalah, Part 2” 11/12/18

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New Life 214 – Sibling Relationships, Part 1

New Life 214 – Sibling Relationships, Part 1
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Building a proper system of communication between siblings in the family rests with the parents. What is the way to bring children to the clarification and recognition of good and evil without criticism and comparison? Family workshops and discussions help children explore undesirable qualities. Effective manners of relating to the children help them develop positive relationships with each other.
From KabTV’s “New Life 214 – Sibling Relationships, Part 1,” 7/25/13

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