The Reason For Our Being In This World

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe only reason for our being in this world is to reveal the Creator during the time of our existence. This is the definition of the wisdom of Kabbalah, the method of revealing the Creator in this world by the created being, and the world will exist until all the created beings reveal the Creator. Everyone feels this reality until he reveals the Creator in all his desires. This is why the world exists.

So, in the end, we come to the work of the Creator, that is, to His revelation. The revelation of the Creator is the revelation of the property of love and bestowal, opposite to our nature, that we see around ourselves and discover inside ourselves.

The revelation of the nature of the Creator is possible only at our own request, need, and desire. Therefore, as a person studies the science of Kabbalah, he begins feeling that he lacks the revelation of the Creator, the force of bestowal and love. Will it happen that I suddenly will want to love the other, to give to him?

Is it possible I expect as a result of my work and all of my efforts that I will be able to love everyone: the still, vegetative, animate nature, and people? Can I reach such a desire to love everyone selflessly without any regard for myself and without receiving my own enjoyment? What situation, what conditions, should the Creator organize for me so that I want this?

It is impossible to imagine that this could happen. After all, I can only love that which brings me pleasure: fish or candy, food, sex, family, money, power, and knowledge. However, it is impossible to imagine that I could love something that does not bring me pleasure.

I feel my desire completely empty, without getting any pleasure from it and not even feeling the suffering of emptiness, nothingness, and disappointment. My ego has suffered. I feel exhausted. All my plans that stem from my old egoistic nature collapsed. I feel that I have no future in my desire to enjoy. This state is worse than death, the collapse of all hopes, just some kind of inhuman suffering like the suffering of Job.

I begin to understand that I will not be able to get any pleasure from this situation. However, in spite of this, on top of everything, if I still aspire for bestowal and love, to act for the good of the other, these actions really will be in order to bestow! In that case, I can be sure that my egoistic desire will get nothing from this because I do not count on the future reward, but only think about the actions themselves that end up with someone else and are realized there.

My vanity should not be nourished by the fact that I behaved like a hero who is proud that he sacrifices himself. This is also a reward and not a small one. That is, no one knows what I did, and I, myself, do not even know this. My egoism is deprived of the tiniest opportunity to get some compensation. This is what is called bestowal, and we have to come to this state.

This happens gradually due to the changes that occur in us. Now, this final state appears to us as abstract and impossible, but, actually, it is very inspiring. As a person advances and discovers the conditions necessary for spiritual action, he finds an opportunity in them to be like the Creator, to be in this state, in this thought and desire. It is the force with which He controls and embraces the entire creation.

If a person performs this inner psychological change inside him and prefers the pleasure of bestowal, then he reveals this state, and all the rest we will learn there. In any case, all this life and this whole world make sense already.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/2/13

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