Learning To Work While Disregarding The Results

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe right advancement of a group is when it is not given any motivation from above. The Creator doesn’t give us any reason to justify the spiritual path. We don’t see any positive outcomes in our study, in dissemination, in other activities, but actually, it is the opposite as we discover total lack of success. Then, by consolidating the connections between us, we demand that the Creator be revealed among us, and this becomes our fuel. Otherwise, we are egoists who are unable to discover our vessel, to reveal the Creator and ascend.

We mustn’t descend to the levels of enjoying our success, the egoistic pride for having worked to disseminate, and measure our advancement by the outcome and the number of people we have brought closer to spirituality. We don’t want to return to the level of childish bragging. We respect and value the state in which we have no hope and no hold on the ego, of the desire to receive in which there is no filling, no feeling of success, no joy, nothing. We don’t enjoy this since otherwise, it already will be a reward. There are those who enjoy suffering since it fills them with adrenalin.

The Creator should give us only the fuel called bestowal in our actions of dissemination and not proof of our success. If we succeed without Him, we will not need Him. We must feel darkness in our vessels of receiving in order to demand the Creator’s help. Egoists don’t need the Creator since they want to use Him and receive an even greater egoistic filling.

We don’t need a filling but we need the Creator’s help in our actions. We ask for the fuel that allows us to work and don’t need anything but that. We keep away from the reward. The Creator offers us pleasures, His revelation, while we must put different Masachim (screens) on ourselves and restrict our desire. We are in a very difficult position. We have a problem since our car moves forward by itself without any fuel, and we must only hit the brakes instead of pressing the gas pedal.

There is no gas pedal in spirituality and you constantly press the brakes, thus keeping different temptations and pleasures from entering your desire to receive. Otherwise, I will commit an offense and will fail.

Our job now is not to be impressed by our lack of success, but to be impressed by the fact that we are given a chance to bring people closer to connection according to the real laws. If we have such an opportunity, we don’t need anything else. This is called “God’s servant.” We only want a chance to work, nothing more than the “eye of a needle” so that we can put the thread of our work through it, and that is enough.

If a person is satisfied with that and the result of the work doesn’t matter at all, if he grows stronger by the group and begins to demand the Creator’s help, he doesn’t need anything else. The vessels of receiving are totally empty, and there is only the group that powerlessly, humbly, is ready to pull itself together somehow with the little power it has left and turn to the Creator. This is the very last state from which there is the great breakthrough to the next level, to a higher state.

This is how we should continue the St. Petersburg convention, in order not to feel any success in our vessels of receiving, but, rather, to change our vessels to vessels of bestowal. Let’s hope that we will be able to do this work until the next convention in February in Israel. This will be a very meaningful advancement.
From the Lesson Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/1/13

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